Nyusha threw a great bachelorette party in Paris

Нюша устроила шикарный девичник в Париже
The singer took best friends for a weekend in Europe.

Нюша устроила шикарный девичник в Париже

“Tomorrow we’re going to spend all your money” — quote from a famous song of Ilya Lagutenko one of her friends Nyusha signed published in the microblog a picture in which they are sealed together. The singer, who recently is in the status of the bride, invited all his
friends in Paris and arranged a great bachelorette party. The party was
unusually styled: girls were dressed in black outfits, and the party called Ninasparty, that is a party
Nina. Apparently, girls between them call Nyusha Nina. Note that photo
published by bridesmaid dresses on my Instagram, accompanied by
the hashtag #bride, which translates to English as “bride”.

Нюша устроила шикарный девичник в Париже

We will remind, Nyusha and her boyfriend Igor Sivov has agreed to
the time when you become husband and wife. They get married in the summer in July or
August of this year. “With the organization of course, I will help professionals and my
family, but want to control everything. Wedding plan to play in the narrow
circle, among the relatives and friends. We don’t want lush, noisy feast with
a huge number of strangers, journalists, photographers. Don’t think
such an important personal event, you have to take off. After all, happiness loves
silence!” she said.

Wedding dress artist until purchased. However, with the
how it should look Nyusha already defined. “I think that it should be
lush, fantastic, magical, unique — because you wear it only once in
life! I really liked the model of the dress, which I performed on the show
Vera Wang, hosted by the Agency of Vera Brezhnev!” — quotes Nyusha Wmj.