Постаревшая Памела Андерсон шокировала гостей фестиваля
The actress hasn’t learned to walk.

Pamela Anderson


The emergence of this year, Pamela Anderson shocked the audience in Cannes at the film festival. The former star of the popular
1990s TV show “Baywatch” looked so unimportant that at first it
do not know. All drew attention to the fact that the person Pamela looked
swollen and the facial expressions seemed “frozen”. Besides, this time Anderson doesn’t
was, as usual, to focus on its main advantage — lush
the bust. And her black dress by Vivienne Westwood and was even trendy, but not
especially catchy.

According to experts, the actress who this summer celebrates 50 years
clearly overdone with cosmetic procedures.
Specialists in plastic surgery came to the conclusion that Pamela, at least
did too many shots of Botox. Maybe there were and
a failed “lift” of the face. In the past, Anderson didn’t even try to hide that
repeatedly resorted to the help of plastic surgeons. But all recognized her operation
was mainly about her famous bust, which she much
increased and then decreased…

However, the inexorable course of time has left its trace on the face of Pamela, not
prevent her to continue his career. So, this year will be released
the full-length version of the old TV series “Baywatch”. However, at this time
Anderson got the role of a young beauty, and the mother of one of the girls (her
will play an ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio Kelly Rohrbach), which will run on
the beach in glorified once Pamela red swimsuit.