Nyusha refused “Eurovision” for the sake of the child

Нюша отказалась от «Евровидения» ради ребенка
The singer admitted that she is now a very difficult intense period in my life.

Valeriy Meladze, Nyusha, Dima Bilan

Photo: Instagram

Nyusha refused to participate in “Eurovision-2017,” qualifying
round which she was asked to participate, for the sake of the child. And not one but as many as fifteen.
He took the chair of the mentor in the project of the First channel “Voice. Children”, the singer realized
that will not be able to prepare for such a big competition. According to
the stars, now she has a very rich creative life: in addition to “the Voice”, Nyusha
records his third solo album, consisting of two plates.

Last weekend took place the first pool of the set of the popular
show where the mentors formed teams and now all of them have huge
work. The actress admits that loves children and they respond to her affection.
The warmth, openness and sincerity Nyusha attract even the smallest, they
intuitively catch her positive energy. Nyusha said that he really wants
for his players to become not just a teacher, but, first and foremost, a friend.

Participation in competitions is familiar and the not So disciplined. At the age of 17 she became
the winner of the project “STS lights the superstar” in 18 years successfully
represented Russia at the international contest “New wave”. “I’m good
imagine how children experience on the project. So I will maximize their
to support and explain that “Voice. Children” is only the first step in a large
the world of unlimited possibilities and they are still ahead. I would like to be
his players not just creative mentor and friend, together with
which they will not be afraid of trials”, — says Nyusha.

Recall that in this season the composition of the mentors of “the Voice. Children” changed
dramatically. Of the old-timers were only Dima Bilan, the remaining two
seat occupied Nyusha and Valery Meladze.