Miranda Kerr decided to abstain from sex with the groom before the wedding!

Миранда Керр решила воздерживаться от секса с женихом до свадьбы!
The model swears that supports with Spiegel Platonic relationship.

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel


Recently, the 33-year-old Miranda Kerr, who in 2013
completed her marriage with Orlando bloom, the father of her son Flynn, was struck by his statement to the reporter of the British
newspaper the Times,
taking an interview. Kerr argues that in the nearly 3 years that she’s Dating 26-year-old
Evan Spiegel, they’ve never had intimate relations. This information appeared
on the website contactmusic.com.

Interesting topic came up in conversation with Miranda
reporter almost by accident. The conversation was about the politics of control
the birth rate in different countries of the world. And suddenly Kerr said that she
not currently doing anything that she never has another child
though he believes that she is now not the time to be a mother. And when
the journalist asked her how she achieves the desired result, model
said that she and Evan have not yet had sex. “My fiancé holds
extremely traditional views, so we are still waiting!” explained Miranda.
However, waiting for her remains quite short, because the wedding Kerr and Spiegel
going to play this year.

Miranda and Evan met in 2014,
the lunch, organized by the brand Luis Vuitton. As told by Kerr, then they relaxed, chatted a while, but
Spiegel then, suddenly puzzled by his companion, suddenly stating that he urgently
you need to leave, because he remembered some urgent business. Miranda was hurt and even thought
he’s not too interested in it. However, Evan started to call her from time to time, and
gradually they become closer. And in July last year he proposed to her,
presenting a ring with a huge diamond. However, Spiegel is
afford, after all, he is the owner of the state
at $ 20 billion. And is considered the youngest billionaire in the world
yourself have earned your capital.