“Nursing mother” Beyonce condemned fans

«Кормящую мамочку» Бейонсе осудили фанаты
The singer was accused of drinking alcohol.


Photo: @beyonce (Beyonce Instagram)

Beyonce, a blog which boasts more than 100 million
subscribers, this week received a lot of critical remarks in the address.
The fact that the 35-year-old singer was photographed with a glass of wine in hand on background of shelves
Laden with bottles. The problem is that Beyonce, in theory, now does not
has the right to afford to drink these drinks, because she is nursing

“How so? After all, alcohol is not committed
combined with breastfeeding. She wouldn’t have to drink! “— together
outraged many fans of the singer. However, there were also those who defended their
idol, citing some “recent” studies showing that
nursing mothers, supposedly, you can still drink wine in small quantities
a couple of times a week.

But most fans of the singer
not impressed with the contents of her glass, and magnificent bust of the singer, which she
demonstrated in all its glory thanks to the huge neckline of her dress – shirts.
In this outfit, Beyonce donned about a romantic dinner with a private
husband Jay-Z.

Entrusting their children to nannies, the singer and her husband decided to spend the evening together. For your
Dating they chose a popular restaurant Sushi Park
located in West Hollywood. Incidentally, the visitors of this institution
had the opportunity to verify that
Beyonce, which is a little less than two months ago gave birth to twins, Rumi and
Sir, fully restored antenatal form. Moreover, according to
singer, she did not observe any special diet and haven’t started
serious workouts in the gym. So, according to Beyonce, her weight
recovered without any effort on her part.