Скарлетт Йоханссон определилась, наконец, с выбором любовника
The actress is trying to speed up your divorce.

Scarlett Johansson


The past few months, Scarlett Johansson constantly
pleased the paparazzi, who chased her in the “non-stop”. After following for
actress, they almost every time found out that she’s Dating new
knight. It was the actor and TV host Colin Jost., lawyer Kevin Yorn,
if not unidentified young men.

But Johansson finally seems to be decided: she stopped
your choice on Colin Goste. The actress, as it became known, not only gave the “resignation”
The Jorn and started Dating Rostom on a regular basis. Scarlett, as
according to its girlfriend, intends to move in with Colin and try to live with

However, before that she wants to complete her divorce from Romain
The Doriana, with whom she lived in wedlock nearly three years. Though the actress
filed his petition in the court in March this year, the process is still not
completed. The stumbling block in this case was an only child
Scarlett and Romain — two year old daughter
Rose, the custody of which they can not “divide”.

As for Colin Rosta, then it turned out to be an actress
known each other for a very long time. But their friendship
turned into a novel only after Johansson decided to leave my husband. In
the first time Scarlett and Colin were seen together in March of this year, at the party,
organized TV show Saturday Night Life. With
since they are constantly seen in public together. And more recently, their
the relationship began to take serious.