Нумеролог: «Сергею Пенкину нужно бояться предательства близких» Today the singer turns 57 years old. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the birth date of Sergey Penkin and made a prediction on his future.
Нумеролог: «Сергею Пенкину нужно бояться предательства близких»

Becoming famous in 1991, Sergey has released 24 records, the latest being five years ago. Penkin is also known for participating in the show reincarnation “one to One!”in 2016, when the creation of parodies by Nikolai Baskov, Edita Peha, Luciano Pavarotti and other colleagues to the scene penquin has repeatedly earned the highest points from the jury. But in the personal life of a celebrity is not so smooth: the wife had not, like children…

“Sergei was born on the Day a joyful greeting, says Clara. His life code – 202 189 – indicates that he is a man with a strong character and enormous energy. Wherever he appeared, charismatic and artistic penquin inevitably becomes the soul of the company, all love it and are drawn to the artist. The artist loves and knows how to work, he CIT. But his character was not easy. He is overly emotional, talking about these – “no brakes”. Impatient, jealous and stubborn, with a penquin doesn’t seem so charming as when they first met. He’s too blunt, always says what he thinks, not knowing that his opinion can hurt people. Useless to argue with him, he has his own truth and other people’s opinions he does not recognize. But he is honest, does not know how to Dodge, wriggle and lie. Sergey is a good friend, always ready to help. If a person who is dear to him, you need to lend a helping hand, penquin will give all the strength to make everything possible.

Another minus star, which prevents him to live in pleasure – he does not know how to refuse people and they, realizing his weakness, is often used Penkina, and he in damage. Helping the singer is often extreme, he gets for his kindness. He needs to get rid of this quality, otherwise it will hurt many more years.”

“Health by nature, Sergei is not very good. Attention requires the gastro-intestinal tract – if not to monitor his condition, you may experience problems.”

“From today on, his life begins a very difficult period, year, loss, deception and intrigue. The star should not invest in any projects, there is a risk of losing money. And at 61 years old Sergey is waiting for take – off- and career, and emotional. There is even a chance to meet your favorite person.”