Экс-муж Гвинет Пэлтроу променял ее на Дакоту Джонсон In the movie “Fifty shades freed” heroine Dakota becomes the wife of an aristocrat, practicing bdsm. Over Johnson’s Dating a guy easier – Chris Martin, the leader of the musical group Coldplay.
Экс-муж Гвинет Пэлтроу променял ее на Дакоту Джонсон

On the morning of January 16, Dakota Johnson went out of the house the leader of the group Coldplay Chris Martin in Malibu and business step went to the nearby Pavilions shopping centre. At the clumsy dress and flip-flops it could be assumed that the 28-year-old actress popped in for a moment, revealing that he and Chris don’t have enough ingredients for Breakfast. She bought a pack of ground coffee and on the way back took in a kiosk with daily Newspapers. The evening of the same day Chris and Dakota visited the fashion show of Stella McCartney. They snuck through the service entrance, so as not to Shine on the red carpet, but the event was not shy to show feelings. “All the while holding hands and never leave each other on a step”, – the eyewitness reported. How it is insulting to be ex-wife 40-year-old British singer-songwriter Gwyneth Paltrow, who ten years complained that Chris is allergic to public displays of tenderness!

This is rock-n-roll

Chris and Dakota were first spotted together in mid-October 2017. Musician actress were treated to Japanese delicacies in a Los Angeles sushi bar. Other visitors noted that the couple kept warm, relaxed, laughed a lot. For this Chris used were not found: in all public places, except for concert halls, he acted like I swallowed a stake and feel in connection with this serious discomfort. In November, the Dakota were noted at the Coldplay concert in Argentina, and watched Chris out of the hall, and out of the booth, the sound engineer. But to make hasty conclusions no one, because the actress is not the first year hanging out with the British rockers. To this world she was introduced ex-boyfriend Matthew HITT – born in Wales, singer and guitarist of the rock band Drowners. And even with Matthew, the actress said goodbye in June 2016, her taste in music is not affected. Come winter holidays, and the audience happily threw Chris with the Dakota out of my head. In the end, Hollywood close: you never know whom there is to see. New year, the musician met with Gwyneth, their two children and joined the company’s fiancé actress brad Falshakom. Dakota was visiting mom Melanie Griffith, dad don Johnson, brother and sister. But on Friday, January 12, the actress and the rocker arrived together to dine with friends in the restaurant of Soho House in Malibu, and weekends spent on the ocean. On the part of lovers it was foolish to hope that two days on the beach nobody will notice, so attempts of secrecy they had taken to mechanically – for show.

“These two ran across the sand, played with the dog, Dakota, at sunset stood side by side at the water’s edge, looking out for dolphins, – eyewitnesses speak. Dakota – all the time clung to Chris, she put her head on his shoulder. However, to the Parking lot to the beach they went separately: Dakota another ten minutes sat on the sand, before following Chris. It is unclear why – because in the end they left together in his car”.
Экс-муж Гвинет Пэлтроу променял ее на Дакоту Джонсон

As it turned out, the destination was the home of the Chris – his American seaside cottage, which he bought with his ex-wife and left after a breakup in 2014 as a bachelor burrows. On Tuesday, Dakota was still there, and even early in the morning, not hiding from the paparazzi, cheerful Bunny hopped over coffee and Newspapers for a loved one. From all this it follows that in a few January days she has achieved in the re-education of “secretive ogromna” Chris is more successful than Paltrow for all the years of marriage.

Leap to freedom

In February, the Dakota still had to break away from the beloved, to introduce the film “Fifty shades of freedom” – the third part of the Saga about risky erotic adventures of an aspiring journalist and her aristocratic lover.

“Shooting in the trilogy helped me to understand that women don’t have to close your heart and hide your feelings to protect yourself, – said the actress. The strength and openness, trusting in one character do not exclude each other. Not to say that the attempt to combine these qualities have given no effort at all. By nature I am quite anxious to create, to exhibit themselves in front of the camera outside and inside, sometimes it was scary.”

At least by the third movie, Dakota and her partner Jamie Dornan mastered the bed (as well as table and floor) sex scenes that initially led them into panic. “We found a way to create the right mood – laughing Dakota. – Jamie push-UPS, and I drank whiskey and ate a peppermint candy.” Fortunately, Jamie was able to solve problems that arose because of these scenes in his real family. According to rumors, the actor’s wife Amelia Warner, has recently become mother for the second time, at some point believed that her husband really struggled lust Dakota. Constantly appeared in the press reports about the affair between actors only reinforce the paranoid mood in the house Dornan heard the word “divorce”. Frightened Jamie allegedly did was going to leave the project and go to save wife from depression. He was persuaded to bring the trilogy to a victorious end, but during the filming of “Fifty shades of freedom” he spent with Amelia and daughters of every minute. Now Mrs. Dornan can sleep peacefully, knowing that the film is over, and heart of Dakota are employed not by her husband.