Нумеролог: «Алексей Маклаков обижает друзей отказом давать деньги в долг» The star of the series “Soldiers” today marks 57 years. Alexey Maklakov successful in a movie, but in real life he is sometimes cruel to people. Nevertheless, the artist always adequately assesses the situation and chooses how to act.

Alexey Maklakov active in films this year on the screens released movie “Lucky case.” In the personal life of a celebrity is good – he’s married for the third time. In the artist’s two daughters: 8-year-old Irina and 5-year-old Sofia. Also the actor has a 30-year-old son Ilya from his first marriage and a 19-year-old daughter Nicole from the second.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the birth date of Alexei Maklakov and made a prediction on his future. The actor willed character, he is the bearer of the sign of power, it would make a great leader, a politician, a businessman or a lawyer – tough, but patient and fair, careful.

“Nicholas was born in “the day of the study,” says Clara. His life code is 246123 means that he has a classic numerology lawyer or judge. Surrounding used to listen to him because he has the power to subjugate people. Star media three sixes, which speaks of his high disability, in order to achieve his goal he is willing to go the extra mile. He’s not a spender, Thrifty and likes to save money and not to lose them right and left. In debt Alex never gives his friends a good known for this feature and they do not even resent the friend for this reason. Besides, Maklakov diplomatic and good-natured, so even refused, his friends cannot wait for him to be offended” – said the expert.

According to numerology, personality of the actor is present obstinacy, which often poisons the lives of his relatives. Maklakova have a sharpened sense of self-preservation, it will never jump back in head first. Actor – family man. It is the cult of the family, his principle in life is “everything in the house”.

“Last year was difficult for him, but after his birthday in his life starts the year tens – a period of popularity and fame. He may again become a father or grandfather. And at age 59 he expects a tremendous financial growth and big financial gain. He offered to star in the film, which will be very popular,” said Clara.

Alexey Maklakova good health. However, it is necessary to pay attention to vessels and the thyroid.