Гусев и Романец стали жертвами мошенников Celebrity couple suffered from the actions of dishonest travel agent. Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet agreed to a discount on a ticket to Prague, but in the end they were deceived. The couple intend to fight for their rights.

Recently Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet spent the Christmas holidays in the Czech Republic. The lovers walked a lot, saw the sights and visited the best restaurants. They actively shared photos from Prague, not even knowing what kind of trouble will encounter on the last day of the trip.

As it turned out, Victoria had agreed with the travel Agency about the 50% discount for accommodation and flights for the ads, but in the end the star couple had to pay for their own stay in a five star hotel. Similar to romanet is the first time, because she has used a similar scheme of cooperation with various companies.

“The mood at the end was spoiled. Last day we just sat in the hotel and waited to see how the situation is resolved. We day powdered brain! We realized that we have been cheated. Of course, we paid. But it is obvious that they choose these bloggers who is able to pay. Those who have no money, just run away. By the way, do that and just leave the hotel, the Agency advised us,” said romanet.

However, she does not intend to leave this business unpunished. Now the star of “House-2” intends to address in law enforcement agencies to bring the crook to justice. It will give the police not only all documents available on hand, but correspondence with the scammers.

According to Victoria, her name was booked for three rooms. The travel Agency convinced Romanets that will hold payment for a few days before the eviction. However a decent score in the end was exhibited stellar pair. Only after the lovers scandal, they returned 80 thousand rubles and paid for a one-way ticket.

“I have a few people wrote that the Agency threw them. So, together we will lead the crooks to clean water and protect others from a similar terrible stories,” said Victoria.

Now Gusev Romanets are already in Moscow. Their trip was very spoiled, but they hope the efficiency of law enforcement. Earlier the girl told me that her guests should arrive mother and sister. She plans to spend a few days in the company of loved ones and forget about the unpleasant incident.

Communicating with portal “Dom2 Life”, romanet stressed that this fraud scheme is very common, but it is not going to forgive this act of ill-wishers.