Не опустила рук и пережила страшный диагноз Лайма Вайкуле

Не опустила рук и пережила страшный диагноз Лайма Вайкуле

When famous people tell about their experiences, even if it
extremely painful – that they inspire others. His example
show you how to survive, how not to lose faith in yourself!

The Olympus of fame, millions of fans, wealth, a successful career,
family happiness – all of which can wipe out a moment, when the doctors
diagnosed cancer. But hands down, this is not about her…
We all know the life of Laima Vaikule – it is a scene. Since then, as
she came up with she knows no silence – touring, stage and recording. But at the age of 37 acute pain

snapped this race for success. Lima was diagnosed with breast cancer last stage.

At first she was hesitant to tell about the terrible
diagnosis anyone, even the most dear mother! Doctors predicted only
only 20% chance of recovery! Laima Vaikule already buried yourself
mentally and wrote in the farewell letter.
“You have yourself alone to experience it! thought
the singer”.

When a woman has suffered all the pain she had another test –
her father’s death. Because of the treatment on the moment stars in USA, she was unable
even to attend the funeral of his father. Lime was able to give up and go to
God, but at that moment he supported her favorite – Andrew Latkovskis!
“We need at least one time a year to check the status of your
health, and men and women!” — says the scientist.

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