Дети Николь Кидман и Тома Круза променяли мать на религию

Actress Nicole Kidman and actor Tom cruise were married for almost 12 years. Children together in pairs, but they are raising two adopted daughter Isabella and son Connor. When star’s parents divorced, the children unanimously decided to stay and live with his father. The actress claims that their decision was related only to the religion, namely Scientology.

Дети Николь Кидман и Тома Круза променяли мать на религию

Tom cruise became an active follower of this Church in his youth, but Nicole never shared the views of her husband. The actress says that the former spouse did everything possible for the children to follow in his footsteps in religion.

Kidman says the children started to get involved into Scientology is already in the final stage of their relationships with Cruz. Unfortunately, religion forbids close contact with people who are not supporters of their Church. For this reason, after the divorce, Nicole could not continue to live with children, she had to learn as they grow up from family or watch from afar.

In 2015, held the wedding ceremony of her daughter Isabella, to which the actress was not invited for the same reason. “They made a choice in favor of Scientology. But our responsibility as parents to always give them unconditional love,” — commented on the act of his daughter Nicole.

The same thing happened at the wedding of Connor. The boy always listened more to the father than to the mother. According to relatives, the day before the wedding, Tom cruise just called her son, and he listened to him.

52-year-old Nicole Kidman rarely commented on their relationship with former husband and children, but in an interview with the press always says that their marriage was destroyed solely because of religion. Their relationship with the children she wants to recover, and children are also drawn to her. Her daughter Isabella tries himself as a fashion designer, this year she launched her first collection of clothes, which bears the name of her foster mother “Bella Kidman”.

We will remind, in addition to the adopted children with Tom cruise, Nicole has two biological daughters from Keith urban.

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