Нонна Гришаева отметила стальную свадьбу
11 years ago, the actress married Alexander Nesterov.

Нонна Гришаева отметила стальную свадьбу

Nonna Grishaeva and Alexander Nesterov

Photo: Elena Sukhova

This morning, Nonna Grishaeva brought a basket of gorgeous flowers.
Thus, Alexander Nesterov congratulated the favorite wife of the 11th anniversary of their
family life. This is the second marriage of the actress. Prior to that, seven years she lived with actor Anton
By darowyn, which gave birth to a daughter, Anastasia.

For a long time after the divorce and Durovym Grishaeva could not
to recover and not planning on a new relationship. That all changed after meeting
with Alexander Nesterov, who is 12 years younger than Nonna. Them quickly
the ensuing friendship initially did not anticipate any serious relationship. Almost
year Nonna and Alexander just talked and shared with each other stories about
work, new roles, life experiences. Together one day, decided to fly to
Thailand. And only then, once in Paradise, both very different
looked at each other.

Нонна Гришаева отметила стальную свадьбу

Nonna Grishaeva: “In 16 years, the daughter left home”

“My women’s chakra suddenly started to vibrate, remembered Nona.
I said to myself: “Where were my eyes? Here’s my second half, father of my
future child!” Six months after the trip they were married. And 12
Dec 2006 the couple had a son, Ilya.

A bouquet from my husband

Photo: facebook Nonna Grishaeva

“I feel like 7-10 years younger. It has always been. When
I turned 30, I was on 23. Perhaps that is what led to the
I married a younger man — said Grishaeva. — Sasha I
completely protected. He reminds me of my dad.” As Alexander Nesterov says
thanks to Nona gained confidence.