Джанет Джексон рассказала о материнстве
Brother of the singer in awe of how she managed with the child.

Джанет Джексон рассказала о материнстве

Janet Jackson


Brother Janet Jackson — Tito —
admitted recently that he did not expect that his sister will get one
is a wonderful mother. Because Janet, the youngest of 10 children in the Jackson family, was
always a bit spoiled everyone’s favorite, and, as told Tito, she
a long time remained a child. Besides, the singer was always completely absorbed
his creativity and career, and seemed to her no children.

However, in 50 years, Janet has decided to become a mother for the first time, and it
completely changed her. Now, as told by the singer, thanks to the child,
she finally understood what real happiness is. Janet said: only giving birth to a son Ass, she
felt that took place as a person. And child care for her
a burden but a joy. She just loves to mess with his son to change his diapers
play and repeat his babbling…

She loves spending time with his son that very reluctantly parted with
him when comes the turn of the boy’s father — Wissam al manna to engage with Assay. We recall that Janet was
wife of Wissam in February 2013. In January of this year, she gave birth to Assu,
but three months later, made the decision to leave her husband. And now Janet is making
power to during the divorce
process to achieve sole custody of your son.

However, the singer now and a lot of other concerns: after a few days
Janet goes to her first after the birth Assy tour. Singer
I realized that I will be parting with a son, so I decided not
leave him at home in the care of a nanny, and
to take with you.

Janet Jackson son