Нонна Гришаева тяжело переживает расставание с дочерью The actress said that she still difficult to accept the fact that the heiress is studying abroad and they have no opportunity to see each other often. The woman admits that she, like any other mother, it is difficult to come to terms with the fact that 20-year-old daughter Anastasia lives separately.

      Nonna Grishaeva has admitted that he misses the eldest daughter Nastya. The girl lives and learns over grania, so mom doesn’t have the opportunity to see her regularly. The actress believes that maternal feelings are impossible to hide, because parents, according to Nonna, still worried for his heirs. It seems that children are easier to tolerate separation, they are full of ideas and plans, which are fully immersed. And parents, as told Grishaeva, despite all the worries, can’t stop thinking about heirs.

      Daughter Nonna Grishaeva get higher education abroad

      I must say that the actress is trying not to give in to emotions. She reported that she was faced with the same situation when he decided to leave his native Odessa. First time in Moscow Grishaeva could not get used to the idea of how to live. Obviously, then, technical capabilities are not allowed Nonna often to communicate or correspond with family.

      “Of course, my daughter is hard to live far away from each other, but I’ve been there once, went in his youth in Moscow. I think I was much harder than Nastia now. In General, I think moms at parting always heavier than children,” she said.

      By the way, now Nonna Grishaeva not that hard to call daughter, as it was before. They are trying to get in touch whenever possible. I must say that, despite the distance, Nastya and her mother maintain a warm, trusting relationship. The heiress is trying to please the parent, when the chance comes. The actress remembered that on his last birthday was incredibly beautiful painting daughter. Because Nastya is a student of illustration and graphics, she always admired close to their talent and skill.

      “I do not know how to draw, and for me her work is just fantastic. One of the strongest recent shocks – the oil painting that my daughter gave me for an anniversary in the summer. Nastya drew me in my favorite role of Gypsy Inez in the musical “Zorro”. Absolutely stunning picture, the best gift for my birthday,” shared Nonna in the course of the conversation.

      Nonna Grishaeva remembered that I had received a gift from the heiress during a holiday in Montenegro. Since the painting was painted with oil, she needed a lot of time to dry. “We could not take the picture home. And just two weeks ago, was able to bring her to Moscow”, – said the actress in an interview with Woman’s Day.