Принц Гарри встретился с отцом своей возлюбленной из Канады
The accusations that British aristocrat doesn’t want to meet the parents of new girlfriend, was denied by the brother of Meghan Markle.

Принц Гарри встретился с отцом своей возлюбленной из Канады

Prince Harry

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Meghan Markle

Photo: Instagram Meghan Markle

Some time a beautiful story about how Prince Harry met his Princess in the face Meghan Markle, was overshadowed by rumors of reluctance to meet her parents. Despite the fact that the actress during their visits to the UK already lives in Kensington Palace along with the heir to the throne and knew all his relatives. Harry introduced her to his father Prince Charles, his wife Camilla, brother William and his wife Kate.

The fact that Megan, like Kate Middleton, not just “a commoner”, that is irrelevant to the aristocracy or the Royal family, but her mother is African-American. Therefore, many fear that Harry will not be able to convince his family how serious he refers to the 35-year-old Megan, the actress (known for the TV series “the Majors”), but still the same divorced.

And here the sensation! Stepbrother Megan Thomas Markle Jr. gave an interview where he spoke about his sister and about how her beloved Prince met their father Thomas Markle Sr. just six months ago during one of his visits to Canada, where the beloved Harry starred in the TV series. Father, according to Thomas, is very proud of his daughter, happy for her and fully supported her relationship. Megan and her father were always very close, despite the fact that the parents divorced when she was only 6 years old. However, the brother admitted that he did not know whether met the Prince’s mother Megan Dooriya of Ragland. Himself Thomas the younger also haven’t had a chance to shake hands with the famous boyfriend of his sister, but he fervently hopes to see him in the near future.

Megan’s brother proudly told me that his sister would never have an affair with a man who is not her road and whom she does not love. She’s not one of those girls who dream of becoming princesses from early childhood. Of course, she loved the tale of Cinderella, like all little girls, but she was not hung up in the room posters with the image of the princes and other members of the Royal family. But she is the one who needs Prince Harry is convinced her brother. Thomas convinced one hundred percent that of Megan will make a fine Princess, this “work exactly.”

Incidentally, Megan and Harry had spent Christmas and New year together. The actress was with her mother in Toronto, and the Prince in England with his family.