No more: how Ovsienko, Peha and Malinovskaya overcame addiction

Ни капли больше: как Овсиенко, Пьеха и Малиновская побороли зависимость Today, September 11, Russia celebrates the Day of sobriety. Many celebrities suffer from addiction, which prevented them to lead an active lifestyle and have a negative effect on appearance. Star said “StarHit” that helped them to quit drinking.
Ни капли больше: как Овсиенко, Пьеха и Малиновская побороли зависимость

The problem of alcoholism in our country has always been relevant. Not without reason Russia consistently falls in the top ten of most drinking countries in the world according to various polls and studies. On the eve of the Day of sobriety, which is celebrated today, September 11, star shared with “StarHit” as I defeated the habit.


Saved from the green dragon through love

The last few years for the singer was incredibly difficult. After her lover, a businessman Alexander Merkulov, went to jail, Tatiana spent a lot of sleepless nights.

Tatiana Ovsiyenko: “Sasha offers to find us a surrogate”

“At some point, all on top of each other superimposed, shares Ovsienko “StarHit”. Sasha is sitting in jail, talking about just this work to do next – I have almost ceased to speak… dad’s accident – his leg was amputated. The cat is dead. Sometimes, I couldn’t sleep until the morning: I wanted someone to talk to, on the contrary, to hide alone. From time to time came a friend, we drank a couple of glasses. I did this in order to fall asleep faster, to stop the flow of sad thoughts. Now Sasha is back, no time to feel sad! Concerts, recording new songs, preparing for the wedding. Everything fell into place.”

Stas Pieha

Teaches others how to cure your addiction

The singer speaks openly about what once was able to cope with the addiction. Alcohol Stas also had a close relationship, but now Bruno Mars has renounced all bad habits. “Strong drinks, I sometimes used together with things heavier – recognized “StarHit” artist. – However, at the moment all this has no place in my life. Time I the person dependent, it does not make sense any substances to take. I care that I am clean. Don’t want to pseudodementia, which will bring some devastating results. The game is not worth the candle”. Recently the singer opened the clinic, which deals with the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Ни капли больше: как Овсиенко, Пьеха и Малиновская побороли зависимость“It is, in fact, one and the same problem – says Stas. – We have 29 types of different rehabilitation techniques. I sometimes attend rehabilitation. Share their experience. If one understands that the passion, the problem is not in the bottle, and thinking. People are forced to drink the feeling of emptiness that needs filling. To recover, you need to do a lot of work with psychologists in the first place. And faith can save.”


Not drink alcohol for the sake of shopping

Ни капли больше: как Овсиенко, Пьеха и Малиновская побороли зависимость

Have the presenter there were times when problems and fatigue she “treated” with alcohol. “Wine, – said Masha “StarHit”. But I’m both lucky and unlucky: I’m recovering from my hot – start eating a lot. But as a public person I need to look sexy and attractive. This does not jibe with excess weight and “razobralsya” in the morning. I was out of shape – both physically and economically. As a strong and independent woman contain herself, so relaxing was not profitable. Think louboutins is better than the extra pounds! Of course, to give up bad habits, it is necessary to sacrifice something: I now have almost no friends. Had to break up with a large number of people from a past life, they were drawn to the bottom. Left a narrow circle of friends with the right priorities.” Now Malinovskaya ruled out the degree of life.

“Before, I was still fascinated by the beauty, in the 90s put any weird fillers, and they strongly attract water, swell instantly – smiling TV presenter. – So it’s easier not to drink than to Wake up a Chinese beekeeper”.

Valery Nikolaev

Quit drinking for his wife

A few months ago, everybody watched the drunken adventures of Valery Nikolaev. The star of “Bourgeois’s birthday” are constantly arrested for driving under the influence, was denied a driver’s license, put in jail… “for a long time I was in a state of deep stress, insomnia, nervous tension. Filled with alcohol, – said Valery with “StarHit”. To cope with this nightmare I helped my beloved wife and job.

It was not easy, but I was able to quit drinking. And say that this should be done immediately, not gradually. I have collected will in a fist, realized that the existence of damage to yourself and your family. Now alcohol to me is simply not required, generally do not consume it. Instead, sports – playing football. Such life is pleasant to me much more!”