Finalist of “the Voice” Sardor Milano returned to Russia to participate in “New wave”

Финалист «Голоса» Сардор Милано вернулся в Россию ради участия в «Новой волне» The musician is in the competition in Uzbekistan. The young man had prepared a spectacular, and one of the songs he wrote Konstantin Meladze. The artist also spoke about the relations with rivals from other countries.

Sardor Milano was one of the most prominent participants of the fifth season of “the Voice.” The young man reached the final and took fourth place. Then the musical career of the artist went up rapidly.

Now the young people live mostly in the United States, where in the near future plans to record an English album. However, for the sake of participation in the contest “New wave” Sardor returned to Russia.

“With this competition I have a story in ten years. Exactly ten years ago, I arrived in Moscow to take part in “New wave”. However, I could not take in as a contestant, since I was only 15. Now I intend to succeed for Uzbekistan. Participants who previously represented my country, took mainly place in the bottom of the standings. I want to change that trend,” said the young man.

Sardor does not hide that he came to Sochi to win. For many years he dreamed of meeting with Igor Krutoy and Alexander Revzin, a “New wave” gave him the opportunity.

The actor revealed some secrets behind the scenes of the festival. So, he said that the General rehearsal took place from morning until night for ten days.

The participant “Voices” Sardor Milano: “it was hard for Me to leave Bilan”

“It’s a great school of life, sometimes it gets hard. We were interrupted only twice a day for lunch and dinner, and the rest of the time making music or talked about her. Despite the high level of competition, I with all members maintain friendly relations”, – said the young man.

At the festival “New wave” are not only budding artists, but also the established stars. So, the stage had to ignite Dima and Polina Gagarina, with whom Sardor known since the time of “Voices”. However, the schedule for the young singer is extremely rich, and therefore he has not had time to communicate with former mentors.

Sardor Milano expects that he will be able to take the prize, because he has prepared a strong music program. So, the music for one of the songs the singer wrote Konstantin Meladze. The song “Grazia” in Italian, first performed on the stage of the “New wave”.

Despite the fact that Sardor studying and working in the United States, he did not intend to permanently leave Russia. “I really worked hard to win over the domestic audience, to take his place. That’s why I want to work in the two countries,” says the aspiring musician.