Больше не «вечно молодой»: Валерий Сюткин резко постарел
The singer has upset his appearance subscribers.

Valery Syutkin

Photo: @syutkin_valeriy Instagram Valery Syutkin

For many years Valery Syutkin bore the proud title of “ageless” stars of the Russian show-business. Youthful appearance of the soloist with “Bravo” was a mystery for many people. Philosophical stone? Sold his soul to the devil? While his colleagues grew fat, had reconstructive surgery and tried desperately to regain its former appeal, Valery hit all not changing appearance.

Youthful and positive “dude” from Moscow has in social networks hundreds of thousands of subscribers that after the publication of each new photo, already habitually poured out compliments. Despite the fact that Syutkin married, his life watching mostly women. Network groupies often discuss its possible beauty secrets, which he personally distributed not very fond of.

But unfortunately, all things come to an end. Fans of the 59-year-old Valeria recently admitted that the singer began to be old. Especially, according to his fans, this is evident in his latest photo in the microblog. “So old! Sorry,” write Sutkina subscribers in the comments to the photo. However, although Valery and lost the “Shine”, it should be noted, still looks great for his age.