Former spouses again began to sort things out publicly.

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“Not again and again!”scandal Katya Gordon and Sergei Zhorin has inflamed with new force. The former couple engaged in a public showdown. The theme of the scandal all the same as in 2011. Whether raised Sergei to Kate’s hand. Obviously, in this story one of them tells the truth and one is lying. Sergei recently published archival video confession Katie, that she’s invented for the sake of PR.

“I kept silent for the sake of our son. Tried to protect it from dirt. It has been 5 years! But Madame took it for my weakness. Walked various shows for 5 times. Spraying me with dirt and a stream of lies. Lied about the beatings, about what I allegedly did not pay child support… And suddenly I realized. There’s no pain, no love. There is meanness and lust for PR. Revenge for the fact that I couldn’t stand her lies and left…. — told the Network. — I have a lot of video and photos, that for me to tell the whole truth about Catherine, Podlipchuk (born Gordon). She’s lying professionally and didn’t hides. It’s time to tell the truth!»

Katia hit her back and said ex-husband through social networks. She was sure that Zhorin intended to ruin her career. Gordon has posted the archived video, in which Sergei in a live TV show publicly admitted his guilt. “I withdrew the application, on the expertise of health (you’d come with me) lied just to cover you. I stopped Dobrovinsky, not to start… I loved or was sick… who already understand. Now, you told me: “Kate, if you trust me and love… tell me on video that I didn’t hit you… I immediately erase it. But I know that I’m more important than you PR and what people think…”And I said. I sat, tortured, terrible… said. And you said you erased and hugged me, remembered Katya. Video, as it turned out, you sent Prigogine. And now, trying to ruin my political career, go on about those who use your, alas, a weak gut… I don’t regret that I believed you then. This video, Sergei, about my trust, about the willingness of any woman to give up everything, not thinking her man. I do not regret, Sergei. I was saving you, your lawyer status and our Love… You stain me with slander and dirty tricks… you stain your soul!”