Nine-year-old son Emin Agalarov requires publicity

Девятилетний сын Эмина Агаларова требует публичности Despite busy schedules, the singer is trying every spare moment to spend with children. Emin Agalarov found that the child likes to be photographed, and even asked the Pope to publish his pictures in social networks.
Девятилетний сын Эмина Агаларова требует публичности

The singer Emin Agalarov – an example of a successful modern man, and in many areas. Celebrity is building a successful career in show business, all he got in the business. But most importantly – Emin the happy father of three children: 9-year-old Ali and Mikail, and 4-year-old Amina.

The singer admitted that the children already understand that their parents are famous people, that is why they increased attention from the public. Moreover, Ali is not averse himself to become a hero of the social networks of his father.

“My mother — people public, so they are well aware of the realities of today and quite calmly react to the attention. Ali, for example, even he sometimes asks me to post his video on social networks” – with a smile told reporters Emin.

At this time, Ali is most interested in the creative part, Mikail priority business well, and the youngest amine curious about everything. Despite the constant employment and a tight schedule, Emin is trying to pay attention to their heirs, and often takes them with him to various events.

“We try to spend more time together, because they live mainly in Baku. So if they are in Moscow, then everywhere with me. I always bring them to work, tell, something to show. They are interested in. Well their music new be sure to send them to listen,” shared the singer.

Emin does everything that his children grew up well mannered people, he also teaches them to appreciate the work of others:

“For example, when they ask to buy them for a computer game for $ 100, I explain that first they need to learn how to earn the money and then spend it.”

Many have the opinion that Emin from the cradle didn’t need, but he denied this. He spent his childhood in the Soviet time, then the family of the future singer lived quite modestly. Becoming older, Emin hesitated to ask money from my parents on their needs: he tried to earn himself as proudly told in an interview to “Latimore”.

“My childhood was spent in Soviet times, up to 12 years had the same modest, like most children. Here all depends not only on life circumstances, but also the person. Is older, at the age of 13-14, I was ashamed to ask money from my parents. I could do it, but didn’t ask. I knew better than to earn for myself,” said the artist.

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