A million dollar smile: how much great teeth of Olga Buzova and Prokhor Chaliapin

Улыбка на миллион: сколько стоят идеальные зубы Ольги Бузовой и Прохора Шаляпина Dentist Marina Ivankova appreciates Hollywood “smile” Russian celebrities. Some stars choose veneers, and others give predpochtenie Lumineers.
Улыбка на миллион: сколько стоят идеальные зубы Ольги Бузовой и Прохора Шаляпина

The secret smile stars is not only big teeth, but regular care for the oral cavity, as well as in the application of modern methods of teeth restoration. Modern medicine, in particular dentistry has reached such heights that if you have a certain budget everyone can afford a perfect smile.

“I am glad that the fashion for bright and healthy teeth came in Russia, – says head of Department of prosthodontics Marina Ivankova. – A beautiful smile is becoming a trend not only among artists, whose dazzling smile is the business card, but also ordinary people. The first Golden rule is that proper care of the mouth. And of course, a sin not to take advantage of modern methods to improve one’s smile, if possible. Let us consider their action on the example of the perfect smiles of stars.

Улыбка на миллион: сколько стоят идеальные зубы Ольги Бузовой и Прохора Шаляпина

1. Olga Buzova, singer, TV presenter

Ceramic veneers, whitening

“For Olga, the stage is life. It is not surprising that the leader and the singer so closely monitors their own appearance. Oli has a nice smile. The nature of Buzova good teeth, but something she has perfected. Star set ceramic veneers. The cost of 1 unit, depending on the material and ranges from 15 000 to 35 000 rubles. The whole mouth is about 1 million rubles. Plus singer has done clinical teeth whitening, the price of which 20 000 – 35 000 rubles. This is probably the most common procedure to date in aesthetic dentistry. In the end, Olga can continue to delight fans. It is pleasant to look from all sides.

2. Irina Shayk, model


Улыбка на миллион: сколько стоят идеальные зубы Ольги Бузовой и Прохора Шаляпина

Model is an example of how proper care of the mouth, you can save your own teeth. Should visit the dentist at least every six months. The doctor will select for you the individual means to care for the oral cavity, recommend additional means of prevention. It is very important that your mouth was sanitized : all teeth repaired, missing teeth restored. Each tooth is an organ, it has its function, even if the neighboring tooth is missing, it as though is terrible did not sound, the dentition begins to shift in the direction of the defect. In the case of Irene was provedenie comprehensive whitening. There are many drugs on the behavior of the procedure that contains the chemical elements (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) in a certain concentration. The result was most effective – during and for two weeks after the course otbelivanie it is necessary to observe the “white” diet. We should not trust the whitening systems that are sold in pharmacies as each patient needs an individual approach and competent assessment of your teeth to create customized whitening algorithm.

3. Prokhor Chaliapin, the singer


Улыбка на миллион: сколько стоят идеальные зубы Ольги Бузовой и Прохора Шаляпина

Prochorus was one of the first in Russia who has experienced latest technology, which later became a trend. Lumineers (Hollywood veneers) are extremely thin, up to 0.3 mm, ceramic design, made in the laboratory, substitute the outer surface of the tooth used without processing of hard dental tissues – that is, turning is not necessary, fixed with adhesive system.

By far the most gentle method of restoring the aesthetics of a smile is the use of Lumineers. Under Lumineers teeth are almost not processed. The degree of contouring depends on the position of the teeth in the tooth row. They are made in a dental laboratory by individual casts. The result will satisfy the most demanding of the patient and return the teeth to dazzle and the correct anatomical shape. Look at Hollywood smile Chaliapin and all will become clear.

Улыбка на миллион: сколько стоят идеальные зубы Ольги Бузовой и Прохора Шаляпина

4. Alain Vodonaeva leading

Ceramic crowns and veneers

Over the past 15 years Alena changed her image and has ceased to identify themselves with the project “Dom-2”. If you look at Vodonaevu period telestroke, we can understand that the first thing she did correction the aesthetics of a smile, set ceramic crowns and veneers. Nature has endowed Alain not only an outstanding bust, beautiful long legs, and large teeth, though not quite smooth. But properly chosen shape and color of porcelain veneers and ceramic crowns fixed position. The price for one crown is from 25,000 to 55,000 roubles.

5. Nikita Alexeev, singer


The young artist, and his teeth were good, though slightly not smooth and white. Then the musician decided to take advantage of modern technology and installed porcelain veneers. Eventually, the teeth become perfectly white. However, some fans believe that a little overboard with the size of the teeth. But it is a matter of taste.

Улыбка на миллион: сколько стоят идеальные зубы Ольги Бузовой и Прохора Шаляпина

6. Gauguin Solntsev, showman


Master outrageous not stingy on the color, installing ceramic veneers whiter than white, as they used to say the new Russians in the 90-ies. To further emphasize expensive veneers, Gauguin regular visits to the Solarium. One never knows, and his new wife will also go to the dentist’s office, although she, unlike Solntseva, your teeth.

7. Anna Kalashnikova, model, owner of the clothing boutique


Anya follows almost all the new-fangled movements. At the time, she had a boob job, and now wears dresses, mostly with sweetheart neckline. Everything time dieting and watching weight. And not so long ago the Kalashnikov set fashion ceramic veneers. I note that veneers are made of ceramic will never lose color and Shine. They are made in a dental laboratory according to individual impressions of the dentition, are highly durable and ideal edge adhesion to the tooth tissues. Are fixed on the cement of double curing. Teeth under the veneers are processed depending on their condition, and the further from the planned result.

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