Nina Shatskaya: “I’m a man who has made himself”

Нина Шацкая: «Я человек, который сделал себя сам» Well known performer of romances came to try their hand at a musical project, as in the previous season, heard the other guys sang one of her songs. Nina Shatskaya shared with “StarHit” the plans for the future and also explained why all her dreams come true.
Нина Шацкая: «Я человек, который сделал себя сам»

For all the creative activities of Nina Shatskaya managed to get the title of diva of the Russian romance. For many years she traveled with concerts all over the world, and pleases fans with new compositions. In this year Shatskaya was in the sixth season of the show “the Voice.” The actress went to the blind auditions to sing for the jury one of his songs. Moreover, previously, one of the mentors, Dima Bilan, gave the guys from their team song from “Akhmatova cycle,” Shatskikh.

“When this number is called the reaction on the Internet, I realized that now have a new generation ready for this kind of music. I thought “the Voice” is a great platform to show romances. Informed friends told me that I should go on the show. But I’m not ready to lose, which is very important. And when I realized that I just need to be heard, I open the horizons, went to the project. Win needs someone young, I’m not trying,” said Nina in an interview with “StarHit”.

Нина Шацкая: «Я человек, который сделал себя сам»

According to Shatskikh, one of the guys who are involved in the project, do not pay attention that it is much older than themselves. The singer is amazed at how carefully related to the participants on the show.

Нина Шацкая: «Я человек, который сделал себя сам»“They are much younger than me, somehow came to my concert, then went out. If I can do something to advise them, give recommendations. Next to them I feel much more energetic. I was expecting more negativity, but I so lovingly embraced by the audience!” – says the diva of romance.
Нина Шацкая: «Я человек, который сделал себя сам»

Nina recalls that many of her classmates were treated to creativity quite differently. According to Shatskikh, then they had to raise a family and children.

“Their unrealized dreams not allowed to fly. No need to stop, think about the age. To do what you want. You cannot take someone else’s place,” said the artist.
Нина Шацкая: «Я человек, который сделал себя сам»

Nina believes that all participants “Voices” – the professionals, as tried to show this in other competitions. The singer does not exclude that I will try to record a duet with someone of the guys from the project. In a personal meeting Shatskaya struck the correspondent of “StarHit” his views of blooming. It seems that the actress has found the secret of eternal beauty.

“No, don’t do anything special. Every year I go to India to relax and gain strength. Go for a massage, swim. Lust for life gives a huge energy. Food does not deny. Yet do not do any injection, but if necessary, then turn to cosmetologists,” said Nina.

Shatskaya believes that all events in life are not accidental. According to her, she had to exert much effort to succeed.

“We do not choose. We have all designed. I believe in fate. You can’t do nothing. Dreams attract circumstances. All I want is fulfilled. When there is a force from the outside, everything is faster. I am a man who has made himself. You have to be open, then you will be pulled,” explained star romances.