Denis Matrosov dispelled rumors of a serious conflict with the ex-wife

Денис Матросов развеял слухи о серьезном конфликте с экс-женой The actor revealed the truth about the relationship with Lyudmyla Tatarovo. The woman who now is married to Sergey Dzhigurda, argued that Denis Matrosov was allegedly raised her hand and forgot about the existence of sons.
Денис Матросов развеял слухи о серьезном конфликте с экс-женой

In may last year, Denis Matrosov became a father for the fourth time. The wife of the artist Olga Golovina gave him a nice son Fyodor. The man loves the baby and tries to give him all the free time. Behind shoulders of the actor, two marriages and a serious conflict with his ex-wife Lyudmyla Tatarovo. The woman claimed that the Sailors not only abandoned children but raised her hand.

In the program of Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man” Denis decided to dot the “i” in the scandal with ex-wife.

“This is an open lie. I can write a novel, how all was actually. There was no beating, just because of my character. This man decided to use the press to advance, and it is her right. But there is a child that she presents everything in a certain light. (…) In my opinion, it’s a shame. It is not good. I can say that never abandoned the kids and always fought for them. From her point of view, I asked DNA for one, and in fact, I asked for another. Let me be bad for boys, but the mother will not be for them like this. She was raised and educated. I opted out of parenting, because there was a plea that I not interfere with her life,” said Sailors.
Денис Матросов развеял слухи о серьезном конфликте с экс-женой

According to the actor, he tried to fight for the children, but the village itself is made your choice. Conflict with Lyudmila extremely heavy toll on the actor. He was very upset that they even thought to kill himself.

Денис Матросов развеял слухи о серьезном конфликте с экс-женой“Apparently, she had to justify to the children, so she gave everything so… Mother and sister were afraid I was suicidal. I now understand that was on the verge,” shared Dennis.

On the question of why he needed the DNA test results, Sailors answered very vaguely. The actor chose not to reveal his position, but limited hints. “I can’t say that because it’s terrible information, which will change the lives of children,” said the man. As suggested by leading Boris korchevnikov, Dennis wanted to prove that she is the real father of the sons. However, the village did not allow him to do it. The sailors nodded, but decided not to go into details. “The certificate was not a father… her Whole story collapses”, he said.

Now the Sailors did not communicate with children Tatarovo. Lyudmila has separated from his children. According to the actor, she asked me not to interfere.

“Communication is blocked. They took the surname of the stepfather who raised them the last few years. Well what can I say. Guys, God give you good fortune,” – said Denis.

Korchevnikov asked Matrosov about what could end the scandal of Tatarovo. “It’s hard to say. Let it remain on its conscience. If it is so decided, then, that’s probably better for the kids. If so, then I will only support. I’m not going to say a word in this situation, apologizing, or… I’m never beaten, and do not leave”, – said the actor.