Нине Гребешковой подарили роскошную беседку The gorgeous actress helped to build a dacha outside Moscow. The widow of the famous Director Leonid Gaidai asked the program “a Perfect repair” to make her stretch a tent, so she could enjoy nature. But the authors of transfer have decided that Nina Grebeshkova deserves a Palace.
Нине Гребешковой подарили роскошную беседку

Well-known actress and the widow of Director Leonid Gaidai Nina Grebeshkova loves his dacha outside Moscow and spends the summer here. The house is located in a picturesque location in the village of Mosfilm near Zvenigorod. However modest the country does not even have the gazebo while in which to enjoy natural beauty.

To help one of the most beloved Actresses of came the experts of the program “a Perfect repair”. Nina Pavlovna asked them to build on the site of the tent, but the authors decided that a woman is the level of the Pectinate worthy of the Palace.

By the way, a couple of years ago, “a Perfect repair” has been visiting Nina Pectinate. After the intervention of architects and designers giving Actresses completely transformed. Previously, there was not even normal communications, all the amenities were on the street, but this problem has been solved. Nina Pectinate made a convenient bathroom and designed living room and bedroom in the Provence style. The hostess was very pleased with the new interior, and for two years nothing changed.

Нине Гребешковой подарили роскошную беседку

This time the specialists of “Perfect repair” decided to make an open gazebo in the eco-style of laminated veneer lumber, painted in a caramel color.

As the cottage is in a beautiful location, almost in the forest – the task of the architect to enter new gazebo into an existing landscape. Also, the experts decided to repair the amenities building, to equip a place for a grill and to pave new and broad track.

Нине Гребешковой подарили роскошную беседку

Amenities at the restored entrance door and facade ennobled with decorative rail, columns are highlighted, and the unsightly fence was closed crate is still here and planted grapes girl. He will appreciate the greens in the autumn season. Landscape designers decided to build between the house and gazebo and open area where you can place chairs and just relax outdoors.

In the gazebo put a floor made of planks made of coniferous wood from Kostroma region. When mounting take into account that in floor will be built-in point decorative lamps. For walls ordered decorative screens. The main surprise of this project was the furniture made of wooden pallets, it is now in fashion. Furnished gazebo Nina Pectinate made on an individual project. The basis is wooden pallets. One of them made a sofa, table and swing. All the furniture are painted Italian paint. Soft mattresses on the sofas made of waterproof material which is easy to clean. A real decoration of the steel cushions in the style of Provence.

Нине Гребешковой подарили роскошную беседку

In the BBQ set and grill with double walls and a window made of heat-resistant tempered glass. He has a special starter that allows you to light a fire without using lighter fluid. There is also a thermometer, a grill, a removable tray and a bamboo shelf. Grill on wheels, easy to move.

Нине Гребешковой подарили роскошную беседку

On a plot planted a hedge of TUI and paved paths. Paving details paving imitates the sedimentary rocks of stone. This material was used two thousand years ago. The sides laid turf, which is grown from elite varieties of herbs, imported from America. The color of the lawn a deep dark green, the soil of the plot is not very good, so under the lawn in spiked soil.

Nina Grebeshkova transformed your plot is not recognized.

“I asked for a small cabin, and you made such a beauty! said Nina Pavlovna. – The feeling that is the theatre. Here’s a scene I swinging on a swing. You spoil me! All done with such warmth. I hope that Leon sees all there, and what’s more, he put you up!”