20-летний борец Юрий Власко погиб при невыясненных обстоятельствах Sad news about the death of the athlete, the media reported coach of Russia Anatoly Margiyev. The body of a young man was found in Buryatia. The investigative Committee confirmed the initiation of an investigation.
20-летний борец Юрий Власко погиб при невыясненных обстоятельствах

Twenty-year-old Yury Vlasko was found dead on the shore of lake Baikal in the night of Saturday, July 29. According to the senior trainer of Russian national team against Anatoly Margieva, the news deeply shocked him, because the victim was incredibly calm and quiet person.

“I reported it the guys from Krasnoyarsk. The death of Yuri — a great loss for the Russian struggle. Vlasko was part of the team and was one of the most promising of our athletes,” said coach Anatoly Margiyev.

It is known that the young man went to Buryatia to take part in the international tournament on free-style wrestling among juniors for the prize of Boris Burdaeva. Yuri arrived in Ulan-Ude on July 27, and on Friday evening went to the village Goryachinsk to show guests sporting events lake Baikal and the local unique nature.

That is where the tragedy occurred. Colleagues of Yuri sounded the alarm after he did not return to Ulan-Ude. According to media reports, the body Vlasko found by local residents. According to recent reports, the young man suffered multiple stab wounds, one of which occurred right in the heart. The athlete died on the spot.

The investigative Committee of Buryatiya has confirmed the fact of violent death of Yury Vlasko. In this case already under investigation. Yet the officers are considering different version of the incident and interviewing witnesses.

The coach of Russian national team against Anatoly Margiyev sure that we are talking about the accident. According to the man, Yuri had never been in open conflict.

“He weighed about a hundred pounds, and life was very calm and polite. Very sorry that it happened to Yura,” – says Anatoly Margiyev.

Fans have already expressed condolences to the bereaved family, his friends and family. According to them, death Vlasko was really a great loss for the Russian team in wrestling. “Rest in peace, Champ”, “All grieving Yakutia”, “Let the earth you rest in peace. Very sad when such talented people leave early”, wrote fans.

We will remind, Yury Vlasko was the master of sports of international level. The young man won several competitions on free-style wrestling in weight category to 96 kilograms. According to “R-Sport” the investigation has no suspects.