Alla Pugacheva lost years of phobia for the sake of meeting the fans

Алла Пугачева справилась с многолетней фобией ради встречи с поклонниками The singer arrived in Baku on a plane. The star arrived in the country in support of Philippe Kirkorov, Christina Orbakajte, Maxim Galkin. In an interview with the actress told about her creative plans.
Алла Пугачева справилась с многолетней фобией ради встречи с поклонниками

Alla Pugacheva was one of the most anticipated guests of the festival “Heat”. The singer went to the capital of Azerbaijan immediately after the wedding of a grandson, held last Thursday.

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The diva said that for the sake of visit to Baku, she had to cope with years of phobia. The fact that the actress does not like to fly and prefers to travel either by train or by car.

“We had a very good plane. For many years I did not fly, but overcame himself to be here,” – said Alla Borisovna in an interview.

Recall that in the framework of the festival “the Heat” will be held a creative evening of Alla Pugacheva. The star enticed fans by saying that have prepared something very interesting for the music festival. At the concert will sound the most known hits of the Divas and make them her star friends and relatives. However, fans hope that the singer will break years of silence will take the stage.

Alla also told about the creative plans. The star said that he was going to arrange several events to mark its seventieth anniversary.”Nearer the anniversary I will try to do at least one recital. Act not everywhere, but in Baku will come”, – said Pugacheva.

The news of the resumption of concert activity delighted fans of the Divas. Many fans hope that Alla will again begin to perform regularly, delighting the audience with bright hits. Spouse of the singer Maksim Galkin confessed that he loves Azerbaijan and always come here with joy. “I love Baku and arrive with anticipation of this hospitality. And it is anticipation invariably comes true”, – said the comedian.

Recall that this summer Alla very rarely went out and spent a few months in a luxury house in Jurmala. However, her first appearance at a music festival of Lima Vajkule in Latvia caused a furore. Diva chose a short black dress that perfectly highlighted her slim legs.