Андрей Чуев познакомил избранницу с бабушкой A former participant of the TV project “House-2” found love outside the perimeter. Andrey Chuev is in a relationship with 19-year-old Victoria. Recently the man presented the second half of one of the most important people for him. Relative Chueva approved his choice.
Андрей Чуев познакомил избранницу с бабушкой

Over the past month as a former participant reality show “House-2” Andrey Chuev not hide his chosen one. A man meets 19-year-old Victoria and even allows the girl to use his page in Instagram. Recently, the star of telestroke again showed the followers that he is very seriously in relation to the young brunette. Andrew reported that he took Victoria with their close relatives. In the picture, which appeared in the microblog Chueva, beauty captured in the company an important person.

“Today officially introduced the Granny with Vic! Approved, said not to beat. Today in my grandmother’s boarding house in valuyevo was a performance violinist, said, “Nicely played, parasite”, – says the man in one of social networks.

Subscribers Chueva congratulated the man so that he regained his happiness. Some of them have written compliments close relative of a former member of telestroke. “Grandma you are always positive! You’re done! It’s your move”, “Girls super”, “When is the wedding, Chui?”, “Very similar,” commented social media users.

Earlier, Victoria open up with followers of his chosen. The girl decided to speak about relations with Chuyev, which caused an increased interest from fans of telestroke. They were surprised by the visible difference in age between the lovers. However, apparently, Victoria and Andrew do not pay attention to it.

“To be his girlfriend, I have to earn it. I think to send him on all four sides, but he forbids me to do it. Although, frankly, “daddy” (as he calls himself) I like it. I have never had any pages in social networks, “daddy” said we will conduct one to two. Now my posts will appear here until I learn to your page,” wrote the girl.

In turn, Chuev not cease to confess his love to the soulmate. Once the man made a touching post, in which he spoke about his feelings for 19-year-old Victoria. Apparently, the star of the reality show crazy girls. “You’re painting my written passion, you exit the nether jaws, the difference between many years, you could be a daughter, but you’re my angel light…” – shared ex-member of telestroke.