Дочь Любови Успенской показала страсть с новым бойфрендом Tatyana Plaksina has unveiled the elect. The heiress famous singer once again in love. The girl and her partner do not hide the feelings of each other and willingly share joint photos in the microblog. 28-year-old Tatiana melts in the arms of the man she loved.

The only daughter of popular singer Lubov Uspenskaya, a 28-year-old Tatiana Plaksina once again in love. The girl and her partner do not hide their feelings and ready to show tenderness and passion in public.

Tatyana Plaksina placed in the microblog a picture in which she is depicted in the arms of a loved one. The guy holds the girl by the waist, and she laid her cheek to his face, clearly enjoying this moment of intimacy. The couple spent a fun Friday night in the cafe “Milk”, located in the heart of Moscow.

Tatiana did not hide the name of his beloved, marking it published. The young man has published a few pictures with his daughter Lyubov Uspenskaya. Lyubov Uspenskaya amazed gorgeous figure on the beach

“My love,” he briefly commented on them. “Good!”, “Wow!” – responded to the publication of friends of the couple.

Beloved Tatyana Plaksina’s response to the Moneylenders, and his name is well known in the fashion industry. Gaucher thirty years old, he graduated from the history faculty of Saint Petersburg state University, writing a thesis on the impact of world art with modern fashion. A reviewer of his diploma was a well-known fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev.

Young people still have not commented on their relationship, but it can be assumed that Tatiana and gosh loved art. It is known that the daughter of love, the assumption is fond of art, painting. Not so long ago he held his first solo exhibition girls.

Recall that less than a year ago Tatyana Plaksina broke up with her boyfriend, 35-year-old artist Shane from England. Relationship the couple was serious, and Tanya even submitted elect his stellar mom.

However, the love of Tatiana and Shane has not passed the test of time. The assumption did not intervene in the personal drama of his successor, however, formed his opinion as to why her daughter found happiness in the arms of her boyfriend, the Englishman.

“This guy is no match for a daughter he does not want development. I their relationship did not climb. Remember how in that joke? Mother-in-law said son-in-law: “Son, I have one request: when I die, burn me and scatter the ashes around the yard”. And son-in-law in her response: “Mom, what are you talking about? A light breeze – and you’re home again!” I’m not. There are no morals. Now Tanya one”, – told Lyubov Uspenskaya a year ago. At the same time the singer expressed confidence that her successor will definitely become happy near the your her man.