Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov went to the registry office for the sake of laughter

Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов пошли в загс ради смеха The actress spoke about the reasons for the cancellation of the wedding with the chosen one. According to Golubkina, their parting is temporary. The star did not rule out that they decide to tie the knot in a few years.
Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов пошли в загс ради смеха

Famous actress Maria Golubkina and her partner Boris Livanov was shocked with his statement about the breakup. The man hinted at a breakup with a lover by posting a controversial post on a social network. Commenting on the record Boris, Maria noted that they are not going to hide from the public any small quarrels and conflicts.

Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов пошли в загс ради смеха“We are generally cool. We like that we brought our relations to the publicity that we discuss,” shared Golubkina.

Fans of the star continue to question her about breaking up with Livanov, because recently she said that they parted. “Yes, none of them left! Everything is fine with us. Just temporarily live in their homes. Our breakup is all a rumor. We’re moving in together, we’ll separate – things here and there deliver,” admitted Maria.

Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов пошли в загс ради смеха

Some fans of the actress suggested that their romance was a PR before the show, Maria, “Crystal Palace”. Currently, the star is rehearsing the role of Anna Ioannovna together with soloists of the Bolshoi theatre. Golubkina itself does not exclude that they are still a relationship in the Palace wedding.

“Did they get married so two months lived together – and to the Registrar? It is necessary first to know each other, that’s all. You never know what we announced. Wanted – and announced. But now we have to think about it all. Immediately adults are not married. We long to be friends and then get married in three years. Once you can’t get married”, – said the artist.

According to her, they are really filed in the registry office, but “for a laugh”. Now the woman claims that between them even did not talk about having children together. She was previously hinted at a possible addition to the family a couple of years. The heirs of Mary and Boris from other marriages do not understand what is happening.

“Laugh. They’re really excited. To them it’s fun. Uhohatyvalsya so that they say: bring popcorn. We’ve decided to get married at all, and then got scared at the level of who will be a Cup to put it in the refrigerator. We have children older than we. They have not seen the two 43-year-old man behaved like that” Maria said “Wday”.