Нина Добрев попросила подарок на День рождения у своих подписчиков в Instagram

Нина Добрев попросила подарок на День рождения у своих подписчиков в Instagram

Recently, the American actress Nina Dobrev celebrated her 31st birthday. On this date she published a post on his page on Instagram and asked its audience, which has 19 million users, to make her the best gift in the world. She encouraged each of its subscribers can donate money to help in fighting fires in Australia. Celebrity has set the donation amount is $ 31, because that’s how much she turned years. And for those who find it difficult to allocate this amount from the family budget, she asked to give at least $ 13.

In a message to his followers Nina said that came to spend your birthday in Australia. Now she asks everyone to sacrifice for the salvation of this continent one dollar for each year of her life. She stated that for her this year this gift will be the most expensive in life. Of course she understands that this amount may be too expensive for someone, so I asked to donate at least $ 13 (31 only in reverse). Or at least one, because at the moment every penny is important.

The actress also told that he could not bear to look at the frames in the network, where the poor animals slowly die. She admitted that these images tear her heart into smaller pieces and she still can’t stop crying several times a day. Emotional pain does not subside when you realize that animals suffer and can do nothing to help themselves.

At the end of your post Nina summed up that now need to unite all people on the planet. And her mission at the moment is to convince all that it is necessary to make a donation to the Foundation of Australia. Without the help of people like our smaller brothers will not be able to survive.

Well, of course not be possible to know what amount of money was transferred subscribers to Nina’s relief Fund of Australia, but we hope that the actress could contribute to the situation of large-scale fires.

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