Хоакина Феникса арестовали за участие в митинге

Хоакина Феникса арестовали за участие в митинге

45-year-old American actor Joaquin Phoenix was arrested for participating in an unsanctioned rally in favor of drawing attention to the changes of climatic situation on the planet. Apart from the actor was detained 147 participants of the rally.

The strike was organized in Washington by the American 82-year-old activist Jane Fonda, she is also a peer for Joaquin. The rally was supported by some actors of America such as Susan Sarandon, Martin sheen, Maggie Gyllenhaal who was also detained together with ordinary people.

Joaquin Phoenix managed to attract public attention to the dairy and beef industries, which also affects the climate of the planet as a whole. He gave a short interview for television in which he urged people to pay attention to what they eat.

Joaquin told the statistic that few people know, but the production of meat and milk is the third highest cause that so greatly affects the climate of the planet. More actor didn’t have much to say, as the place of meeting came to law enforcement. At the moment all the detainees had been released, what were the penalties is still unknown.

It is worth mentioning that this year at the awards ceremony the Golden globes 2020, Joaquin Phoenix said he would wear the same Tux on all the red carpets this season. He did this in order to draw attention to the huge number of clothes, which is made daily. In his opinion, this industry is also affecting the ecology of the Earth.

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