Nikolay Noskov was suspected of breaking up with his wife

Николая Носкова заподозрили в разрыве с женой The assurance of close to the musician people, Nikolay Noskov and Marina recently broke up, despite the fact that had been married for about 40 years. “StarHit” contacted a representative of the artist, to learn about what’s happening in the star family.

      Николая Носкова заподозрили в разрыве с женой

      Now famous musician Nikolay Noskov is in the clinic. Recently, it was reported that the actor, shortly before was in a hospital bed, broke up with his wife Marina. According to the source, closer to the pair, the couple did not suit each other scenes, but dispersed peacefully and without scandal. “StarHit” decided to contact Nikolay Noskov to clarify the situation. But Olga was in no hurry to confirm or deny this information, but was outraged that the public is so concerned about family Affairs artist.

      Nikolay Noskov will be a long rehabilitation

      “Why all appears interest in the personal life of this talented man like Nikolai? Why is there no hype when he releases a new album? He can’t leave his wife because he is in the hospital. Officially, he with his wife is not divorced,” – said the representative of the musician.
      Николая Носкова заподозрили в разрыве с женой

      Nikolay Noskov was among those artists who keep privacy for the family pechatyami. He rarely mentions about the family and tries to concentrate on work.

      Wife Marina told me that first learned about Nikolai Noskov when I was a schoolgirl. She admitted that she lived near the place where the group was rehearsing her future husband. She remembered the voice of the soloist – according to her, he was so strong and loud that they blocked the music. They met later in a restaurant in the city of Cherepovets. The girl’s parents didn’t like that the chosen one is their daughter works as a musician. They believed this profession is unreliable, however, agreed to let the Marina together with Nikolai in Moscow.

      The couple has a daughter Kate, who did not follow the example of his father, and gave preference to the economic specialty. Marriage of Marina and Nikolay is one of the highest in the Russian show business. The rock musician lives with his wife about 40 years. Marina admitted that a happy family is a huge job, but it can’t exist if two people do not love each other.