Maria MIA: “a couple of years, and they’d metastases”

Мария Миа: «Еще пару лет, и у меня появились бы метастазы» The singer openly spoke about his battle with cancer. Recently, Maria MIA found a malignant lymphoma that caused the clot. Despite the terrible diagnosis, the artist does not intend to surrender in the fight against cancer.

      Мария Миа: «Еще пару лет, и у меня появились бы метастазы»

      Recently the singer Maria MIA learned about the terrible diagnosis. Medical professionals diagnosed her with malignant lymphoma. For a long time, the actress concealed her illness, trying not to talk in detail about the battle with cancer to the public, limited hints in social networks. But recently she made an exception and shared his story in a candid interview with “StarHit” and star friends of Mary was supported by her encouraging comments.

      How did you find out about the diagnosis?
      Мария Миа: «Еще пару лет, и у меня появились бы метастазы»I remember the day I decided to go to the beauty salon for the procedure. After that, as usual, went into the shower, starting to wash my hair and realize that my left hand is heavier on the eyes. Look at her: she’s all blue, veins swollen, and the skin is stained. Naturally, I panic. Then I called an ambulance. I was given an injection and said it was apparently the result of simple carelessness. However, after some time I again went to the doctors. Those only made a helpless gesture and advised to MRI, vascular ultrasound, x-ray. Ultrasound helped find a clot in the left side of the neck, which then “went” on the arm. Experts could not understand why I have formed a blood clot, and not in the legs, as often happens, and it is in this part of the body. “Girl, you are, of course, is nonsense,” – told me.”With Masha, I met at the event, to be honest, I noticed that all around me was just a ball of sun that laughed, laughed, smiled. She’s always positive, I don’t even remember her without a smile. I am very proud of her, she’s a bright man. Mashka big umnichka and even in such a difficult situation shines. Honey, we love you very much, everything will be fine. Support is of great importance. You have it. We all win, don’t be afraid. We are with you!” – said “StarHit” Elina Kamiren.—
      Were you hospitalized?
      Мария Миа: «Еще пару лет, и у меня появились бы метастазы»Yes, for me this situation became a shock in my life for so long was not in a medical facility. Again they had to pass tests. A few days later said I had a tumor – a malignant thymoma third stage, which was pressing on the blood vessels and led to the formation of a blood clot. It is for this reason I have started having panic attacks. The pathological process has been very aggressive nature, he began to develop. I thought: “my God, maybe the hospital made a mistake with the wording?” I had a biopsy, I was advised to accept it and said I expect an operation and chemotherapy. “No, guys, this can not be”, – I said to them. I was sent to Germany, they had to go all over again. In the end it turned out that the previous experts were wrong with the diagnosis, and I don’t have a thymoma, a lymphoma, unfortunately, malignant, but without metastasis. The difference between these two diseases is enormous, but the chemotherapy in my case could not be avoided.

      How are your feelings from her?
      Мария Миа: «Еще пару лет, и у меня появились бы метастазы»Last week I had my first experience of such procedures. The process lasted just ten minutes, I felt nothing. After a few days I expect a full-fledged “chemistry”… My tumor is in the middle of the chest cavity, it presses on the heart and respiratory tract. I had a cough caused by discomfort after the biopsy, and the fact that I don’t have enough air. But I hope that after the treatment will become easier. I would also like to add that chemo is not the enemy, it’s your friend, he fights along with you to get rid of the tumor, wherever it was. I can’t agree with those people who call it “hell”… on the Contrary, you need to adjust yourself to the fact that you are now destroying harmful cells, and they leave. You need to imagine this process to be positive. “Mashenka, dear, wonderful, let’s come back soon, really need your positive and your happy mood, and urgently to work together again” – with these words Maria MIA supported Igor jijikin.—
      What other procedures you’ve been through?
      Мария Миа: «Еще пару лет, и у меня появились бы метастазы»Because in addition to tumours, I have a blood clot, had to endure a lot of shots, they only recently replaced by tablets. My stomach was blue from the constant injections, all the veins are almost gone. Soon I will put under the collarbone something like a catheter, it is a full operation under General anesthesia.

      You said you don’t plan to interrupt your work…
      Мария Миа: «Еще пару лет, и у меня появились бы метастазы»I’m not going to lie and complain about the disease. In April, I think to deal with them and make that long delayed, and in may I have a video.As for treatment, I’m going to fly from Moscow to Germany every three weeks and spend a few days. It will take about six months – during that time I many times do chemotherapy and is administered antibody.”It was a shock to learn about the diagnosis of Masha. Young, beautiful, talented and lovely girl, and all of a sudden lymphoma. Like, of course, to wish Masha as soon as possible to cope with the disease and to go next step in life and creative way,” says Stas Peha.—
      What do the doctors say?
      Мария Миа: «Еще пару лет, и у меня появились бы метастазы»Promise that I will recover because the illness is recognized in time. A couple of years, and they’d metastases. At the end of April, after the second chemotherapy, I will lose hair, it is inevitable. But I am glad that the prognosis is good, although at first, the experts doubted it because I didn’t understand what and how.

      Why did you choose not to publicly announce the diagnosis?
      Мария Миа: «Еще пару лет, и у меня появились бы метастазы»I don’t want someone spared, so don’t cry about the illness, do not write posts with requests for help. Sometimes I read posts by other people who publicly struggle with the disease, and terrifying… In my Instagram, this is not. Write to me: “Mary, we are in shock from you.” I have a month to heal, and when trying to post pictures from the hospital, friends do not understand that with me. If I’m bald, get my tattoo and buy a bike!.. How you will set up, so be it. I’m not focused on negative thoughts. So cancer is a fool and I’m done (laughs). Incidentally, I recently bought a wigs, they are very cool. I think, “Maybe I need to shave?””Maria is a talented, charming and bright girl with good energy. I would like on your own behalf and on behalf of our team to wish Masha good health and strength and success in life. To get well soon and forget this period of time to fully pursue their passions, creativity, inspiring listeners with her positive!” — this message the singer gave Julia Parshuta.—
      How to react to a situation in which you find yourself, your friends?
      Мария Миа: «Еще пару лет, и у меня появились бы метастазы»With understanding. A friend helps me with the housework and caring for my pet. Of course, the Director of Mila, like my other colleagues, is also not left behind. When I asked to make adjustments to shooting due to my condition, I went to meet him… So I’m not worried, I think that’s all for the best. And that to me is “lucky” work, I, along with Alexei Vorobyov in the pouring rain, in Georgia, in the mountains, where it was also cold.
      Мария Миа: «Еще пару лет, и у меня появились бы метастазы»
      What was the reaction of your parents and other loved ones to this incident?
      Мария Миа: «Еще пару лет, и у меня появились бы метастазы»Relatives were in shock, it is certainly a sore topic for me… My man supported me and never turned me away, as sometimes happens. He holds my hand real tight, it’s my earth angel and best tablet. My other half’s not with me now due to work, but every day, he is nervous, worried. “I know Mary for a long time. Is a charming angel with an incredible amount of energy to achieve any heights. What happened now is only the phase that Masha is easy and ironically will overcome. I’m with you, hurry back! Kiss, love, love” – said Ruslan Polyansky.—
      Did friends help you financially?
      Мария Миа: «Еще пару лет, и у меня появились бы метастазы»Of course. To I recently flew a friend offered money. I refused and said nothing. Importantly, supported me morally, that is enough.—
      How do you manage to maintain such an optimistic attitude?
      I do not know. Recently made live in Instagram to share with your friends your emotions from the therapy, telling them: “Guys, that was fun”… At the same time I realize that I have everything I need in order to fight, and others, and a lot of them, this may not be. So I helped and I will support those who cry out for help… of course, I’m not always in a good mood, and it just so happened that I was crying, a fever of 39 degrees, “sausage” and not enough air. And laughter and sin.”Mary, we sincerely wish you a speedy recovery! The news of your illness was like a bolt from the blue, just refuse to believe when they hear this. But you’re so young, so strong in spirit, you will cope with all the problems! You can do it! We very much hope that all will end happily. Patience to you and your family. All the happy moments of your life is yet to come” – a wish singer left Valery Drobysh and his wife Sasha Gurkova.