Nikolay Noskov prepare for emergency surgery

Николая Носкова готовят к срочной операции The musician was taken to a hospital for examination. Some publications reported that the actor suffered a stroke. In a press-service eks-the soloist “Gorky Park” gave details about his condition.

      Николая Носкова готовят к срочной операции

      Ex-participant of group “Park bitter” Nikolay Noskov was in the hospital. The musician was hospitalized in serious condition on the night of March 27, but doctors managed to stabilize him. Some publications wrote that the artist suffered a stroke. However, to prevent the spread of false information, the press service Noskov left a note in the social network, which explains in detail what happened to a celebrity.

      “Currently, Nikolai is in clinical hospital “Lapino”, which is undergoing intensive therapy…. According to the results of the survey doctors prepared him for surgery to remove a blood clot in the cervical region”, – stated in the message.

      Representatives of the artist has promised to keep fans informed of the whole situation. Fans of creativity Noskova worried about his condition. “A successful operation and a speedy recovery,” “Very worried! I sincerely wish a speedy recovery. Hold on,” “good health!”, “Let everything be okay!” “Live and raduyte us with their creativity”, “I Hope that will save him. Alas, we are not eternal,” wrote fans.

      Schedule a tour soon Nikolai was supposed to speak in several cities of Siberia. However, just two weeks before the concerts there is information about their migration in the fall. According to the artist, it was the fault of Moscow organizer who violated a contractual obligation.

      Recall that the last couple of years, Socks do not just cancel concerts because of health problems. In 2015, the singer of the hit “It’s great” had an illness which after a while could not sing. Then, according to the representative of the artist, Socks lost at the time of the hearing, and his throat wheezed and hissed. Serious illness caused the cancellation of some performances, which was not liked by the organizers.

      Nikolay Noskov – Soviet and Russian musician, five-time winner of the award “Golden gramophone”. This year, the artist plans to release three disc anniversary DVD and audio, as well as a new album.