Елена Бушина с мужем скучают по России в США The star of “House-2” is resting with his family in new York. Elena Bushina together with your beloved, children and parents are traveling across America, getting to know the local streets and important places. During a vacation celebrity shared with fans a detailed photo report.

      A week ex-member of telestroke Elena Bushina and her husband Mitya iron ore are located in the United States. The lovers spend their time in a large company – with them resting parents and brother Mitya and children: 6-year-old mark and 2-year-old Laura. For seven days the tourists visited several cities, dozens of attractions and a lot of unusual restaurants.

      Interestingly, one of them in the new York institution was “Mari Vanna”, which serves Russian cuisine. Lena has shared with fans a video in Instagram. “Laura we have here, grandma, mark. A lot of foreigners. Buffet. For some reason we decided to strike at Russian cuisine” – said beauty. Note that a few days before this friendly family visited the restaurant “Russian Samovar” in Manhattan.

      Apparently, despite the luxurious stay, the young people still miss home and local food. Followers Buchenau began to actively discuss in the comments selection of the star couple. “We were in this restaurant. It’s funny, there delicious!”, “Flew in from Moscow to eat in a Russian restaurant? There are many other good places”, “Very tasty in this restaurant, but the prices of Manhattan”, “did you Miss me? Welcome the rush,” wrote social media users.

      By the way, Lena and Mitya share with followers not only for food items holiday. They went to a hockey game on the most popular streets of new York and the shopping, where he exhibited pictures in personal microblogging. The deputies even had to go to Boston, where he marked the anniversary of the ironstone – man turned 30 years old. “My dear husband. Happy birthday. Love. 30. Love, appreciate, respect and endlessly gordimsya you. Best,” – wrote in Instagram blonde.

      Fans wondering how singer could do such a journey. In a recent interview with “StarHit” Mitya and Lena told me how long and persistently sought to financial prosperity and their own labor to achieve success.

      Elena’s husband Buchenau: “Hiding money in a sock”

      “The main thing is to keep faith in each other, to give hope, support always and everywhere. We did not give and did not give, nobody said how to do it. We did not expect, did everything themselves. I was 22, mit 21. I wanted a lot of money, sometimes not enough, it was hard, but Mitya always said, “You have to believe in me. This will give me the strength”. And I believed. Aries stubborn sign, so he always tried, tried, tried and once succeeded. All brick by brick. There were very difficult times, and there have been UPS” – shared Bushina.