Николай Басков умоляет Викторию Лопыреву остаться с ним The popular singer continues to delight fans with images of the beloved. The main blonde of the country does not hesitate to Express tender feelings towards beauty. Nikolay Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva do not get tired to show passion to each other.

Nikolay Baskov and his bride Victoria Lopyreva is clearly ready to compete for the title of most romantic couple in the country. Today the singer posted on his microblog a new photo with the beloved. This time, the picture was very tender and sexy. Accompanied him a short artist signed-request: “don’t go..” and a sad smiley.

Fans of Nicholas did not publish. In the comments, many have decided to support the singer, after parting with the second half, even for a short time, is always hard. “Oh, what a lovely, touching, tender photo. Nicholas, do not worry, because Vick is leaving for a while”, “Oh, Nicholas. Tomorrow I don’t want to leave his beloved. And have”, “it’s Very sad when beloved people leave, even if briefly! But boring! And I’m sure very soon meet! After all, what would the town do not share, winning only one feeling the love!” – wrote followers.

But not all believe in the sincere feelings of the artist to fashion blonde. Talking about the upcoming marriage of the main blonde of the country and his new passion for more than a month does not go to the mouth of thousands of fans. The news came as an absolute surprise, because the actor recently broke up with Sophie Kalcheva. However, the ex-lover of Nicholas was not much to worry about the situation and even kept a great friendly relationship with the singer. In her opinion, the perfect bag her former boyfriend. Have pointed this out and fans of the star couple.

But there is no accurate information about when it will be one of the most anticipated events of the year. Moreover, in July, many decided that the celebration is canceled because Victoria has posted on his Instagram famous excerpt from the film “Caucasian captive”, where Shura promises aunt Nina, the wedding is off. Then the model is not confirmed nor denied this assumption. Soon in microblogging, both again began to appear pictures, so the fans sighed with relief.