Елена Беркова вновь вышла замуж в Италии Former member of the controversial telestroke celebrated the wedding. For special events Elena Berkova and actor Andrei Stoyanov took the scenic area on lake Nemi.

32-year-old adult film star Elena Berkova and her 43-year-old chosen formalize their relationship, the second in June of this year in the Gagarin registry office of Moscow. But to organize a Grand celebration they did not – the newlyweds came to congratulate only the closest friends. Now, two months after the appearance of the stamps in the passports, the couple decided to have a real family holiday. For this they chose one of the most beautiful corners of Europe – lake Nemi in Italy. Elena Berkova congratulations on the marriage

Of course, Berkova struck guests sexy outfit – she was wearing a white dress with a plunging neckline. To the altar star of the TV show failed father. Fiance decided to abandon the traditional black tuxedo and appeared before the guests in a light linen suit in white, quite appropriate in Sunny beach. The lovers exchanged vows, and danced the first dance to the song Mota and Bianca “everything”.

The pair did not advertise the upcoming event, so that most subscribers learned about it only when in the microblog actor photos from the celebration.

“Then it’s official. We were married the second of June in Moscow. 21 August we did another ceremony in Rome for parents. We just love to marry. And love each other so much”, – he signed the pictures in Instagram.

Ex-member of popular reality met actor “Grouse” a few years ago. But the relationship at first did not work: because of the conflict they broke up. However, shortly afterwards, the man realized that he is perfect Elena. And indeed the new husband admits that their relationship is close to ideal – the actor understands it just perfectly.

Note that for Elena this marriage was the fourth in a row, in addition, she has a son Eugene from the relationship with the stripper Ivan Bajkovym. But Andrew went to the registry office for the first time. Berkova admitted that I apply once again forced her conflict with the ex-spouse for child custody. Last year the court has deprived of parental rights Belkova, now the boy is going to adopt Stoyanov.