Николай Басков рассказал о своей болезни
The singer turned his diagnosis.

Nikolay Baskov with fiancee Sophie

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Singer Nikolai Baskov suffered an attack of allergies. Recently he went fishing and proudly posted on the social network his prey — a very important catch. However, fishing had an unexpected bad sequel.

During fishing Nicholas pulled back muscles. To relieve discomfort, Basque went to the doctors who gave him injections that were supposed to remove pain. However, the drug unexpectedly caused a severe allergic reaction, including on the face. Despite this, the Basque decided not to break their work plans and appeared in public.

At the moment the health of the “Golden voice of Russia” all right. And at the ceremony of Russian Music awards channel “RU.TV” Basque has pleased fans with their flowery appearance.

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