Nikolay Baskov made a splash in a suit from Yudashkin

Николай Басков произвел фурор в костюме от Юдашкина Russian artist put on a spectacular live show at the State Kremlin Palace. The premiere of the programme was an unprecedented success and led to a discussion in the media and on social networks.

      7 Oct Nikolai Baskov presented a solo concert, which was also attended by national pop stars. Artist throughout the year preparing for the performance, has long been engaged in organizational issues, costume and lighting design. Basque invited to cooperate with the Russian designer Valentin Yudashkin, who prepared the outfits for the performer. And the Director was Alexey Sechenov.

      At the concert the singer had a lot of Russian celebrities. In the forefront of the hall was the wife of fashion designer Marina Yudashkin with her daughter Galina and son-in-law Peter Maklakovym. A special honor was awarded to the wife of the Prime Minister of Russia Svetlana Medvedev. While singing one of the songs Nicholas went down to the audience and went to a high-ranking visitor to kiss the hand. Among those invited was singer Jasmine.

      Besides the singer took to the stage of the singer Valeria, Taisiya Povaliy and Alina August. They all made a strong impression on the audience. Valeria was surprised her 25-pound dress, decorated with precious stones. The Basque outfit have prepared especially for her performance. The dress spent 1500 meters of fabric, and the length of the train was more than three meters. “Dark” a fancy way liked celebrities. And Taisiya Povaliy struck by the costume of the ancient Egyptian Queen. Outfit of the performer was created in compliance with all historic rules. It gave a feel of realism. During the onstage Nikolai Baskov and Alina August in front of the audience there “chandelier from people” who have recreated the lighting design of the room.

      Stars at the concert, Nikolai Baskov and Montserrat caballé

      On their pages in social networks stars and the audience of the concert to share their experiences, Express gratitude for Baskov show. Someone thought that it was the most ambitious concert ever staged on the Russian stage. Some pleased with the fact that the singer has performed his own compositions live without the soundtrack. Others focused on the work of the entire team, which contributed to the fact that the concert took place and was as it was originally planned.

      “From sets and costumes to your eyes it happens so fast that the three hours flew by as one moment!” “A wonderful Tale, created on stage, which got all the spectators! It is not just very beautiful but also very grandiose. Cool!! Bravo to everyone who created this Show! This is truly magic! Kolya, Good Luck To You! You get all not even 100, but 300%! Sing so listen with bated breath with bated breath!”, “The best concert I have ever been! Nicholas, You are the best! Just a delight!” – shared his opinion of Nicholas subscribers in Instagram.

      At the premiere performance sounded the most famous songs of the artist, the audience did not stop applauding. It is worth Recalling that the program will also be presented today, October 8 and tomorrow 9 numbers in the Kremlin Palace. The majority of Internet users who managed to attend the event, it is recommended to go to the concert.