Polina Gagarina gave my mom the repair of men’s style

Полина Гагарина подарила маме ремонт в мужском стиле Living Catherine Muchkaev acquired a unique style. Small room the efforts of the authors of the program “a Perfect repair” has turned into a luxurious stylish room, decorated in mustard and grey and gold colours. Mom Polina Gagarina was delighted with the surprise of his daughter.

      Полина Гагарина подарила маме ремонт в мужском стиле

      Singer Polina Gagarina is known for its delicate relationship with her mother, a former ballerina, Catherine Muchkaev. Star supports his beloved mother and often spoils her with gifts. Mom Polina Gagarina forbids her to get better

      Another surprise mother Pauline have arranged with the creators of the program “a Perfect repair” on the First channel. The singer asked the designers to help make living room in the apartment of the parents, where, by the way, often staying with her eight-year-old son Andrew.

      Полина Гагарина подарила маме ремонт в мужском стиле“Mom went on vacation, she knows nothing about it. And this repair will be a surprise,” admitted Polina Gagarina leading Natasha Barbier. “Good girl!”, – summed up the designer.

      The source for architects is the fact that the son of the singer loves to visit his grandmother. Therefore, it was decided that the interior in the living room mum Pauline will be male.

      For the floor in the hallway was chosen as the classic tiles in the Victorian style. The collection consists of a large number of panels that allows to realize the most daring ideas. Moreover, this tile is very durable, not afraid of no water, no snow, no salt. And according to the authors of the project, for the Moscow of the hallway is the perfect solution.

      Wall colors were chosen English, environmentally friendly, they are made in the UK with the strictest norms. Hall closet made classic style made on an individual project. The front door decorated, which was ordered in Italy. It creates a feeling of aristocratic chic and at the same time not stand out too obviously. To the left of the door into the living room now is a glass Cabinet, it provided specifically to accommodate awards Polina Gagarina. The front door to the living room vanilla color and is made according to the principle compartment. They are noiseless and very elegant.

      Полина Гагарина подарила маме ремонт в мужском стиле

      With textiles for a living the authors of the program have helped to define Polina Gagarina itself. To meet her presenter Natasha Barbier came on the show “the Voice”, where the singer is busy as a mentor.

      Artist approved fabric for curtains silver shade with mustard accents, “Oh, Yes, it is a trend! I have a few costumes of a mustard color. And mom just loves warm grey” – admiringly praised the choice of designers the singer. Tulle and curtains for the living room was chosen Greek. On the walls there were lamps with a bright Golden base and strict black shade, in addition, have built-in lamps.

      Полина Гагарина подарила маме ремонт в мужском стиле

      One of the walls of the room are very originally decorated. First, I used polyurethane outlet several types in the form of stylized flowers. Secondly, as decoration there are vinyl records and a few metal gears – they need to add to the interior of brutality and to remind you that the room is male.

      Полина Гагарина подарила маме ремонт в мужском стиле

      The sofa which will sleep the son of the singer when he comes to grandma’s house, made by Russian craftsmen according to foreign standards with exclusive materials.

      Window sill made of artificial stone resonates with the top of the mantelpiece. For the design of the fireplace has been used several types of tiles big in conjunction with mosaic. Translucent tints create the effect of the water.

      Exclusive TV placed in the mirror. It is very important that there are no visible fasteners and cable. This is a special television panel which does not require ventilation.

      Shelves and Cabinet in the living room designed by the designers. They grey color is adjacent to mustard yellow and, in turn, resonates with a lot of brass elements that are used in the interior.

      The interior is decorated with arrangement of artificial flowers, decorative candles, photos in Golden frames, reminiscent of jewelry. The carpet in the living room created for an individual project. It is made of nylon of the latest generation and its softness is not inferior to silk.

      Seeing this transformation of my apartment, mother Polina Gagarina Ekaterina Muchkaeva was delighted.

      “Class! It’s just something! I was madly in love, all that warm, gentle,” admired the work of the designers mother of the singer.