Nikolay Baskov climbed on the balcony to give mom flowers

Николай Басков влез на балкон, чтобы подарить маме цветы

Today in the Kremlin, the singer presented her new show “the Game” for friends and colleagues.

Today in the Kremlin the long-awaited premiere of the new show Nikolai Baskov. More specifically, the first concert was on Friday, but today to assess the works of the singer gathered his colleagues, friends and relatives.

That’s why Nicholas today was visibly nervous. Once the silent confused words in the song, than immediately, and he confessed, and later forgot to introduce his girlfriend Sophie, who was one of the songs she sang with him in a duet. But then, however, blame the costume Sophie– beloved singer appeared on stage in a tight semi-transparent jumpsuit, profitable podcherkivayut all its advantages. Nicholas when he saw his beloved, coming up out of the shells already opened his mouth with delight. So it can be understood. There would be the words to remember, not to the formalities.

In the second part of the concert (as was the intermission like in a real theater) Nikolay Baskov thanked all the friends for coming, kissed each lady handle – literally! And then the hall lights went out, and the singer is no joke asked for a moment of attention:

“In this hall are the main people in my life – began Basque. – Probably each of us here understands what a happiness to have the opportunity to say a very warm and sincere words to those people who absolutely love me, what would I have been, with its pluses and minuses. They are my most precious, most beautiful. It’s my parents. I love you, mom, dad. They are modest, never go into the hall, always sitting somewhere far away. I’ll sing their favorite song that they keep asking me to sing “Cherry love”.

Then on the big screen appeared an old black-and-white photos of parents Baskov, and Nicholas himself grabbing a huge armful of red roses went up the stairs to the top of the concert hall to the balcony where sat his mother and dad. And as a Serenade under the window, the singer performed the song for their parents, and then gave the flowers to mom, however, in order to reach the mother, Nicholas had almost to climb the railing.