Ashton Kutcher disappointed his wife expecting a boy

Эштон Катчер разочарован: его жена ждет мальчика
Mila kunis did not meet expectations of a spouse.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila kunis


During a recent show on television, which is Set
Myers, Ashton Kutcher surprised the audience. Although earlier it was reported that Mila is waiting for
the girl turned out to be really, Mila kunis soon give birth to a boy! Moreover,
Ashton admitted that he was very disappointed. This was told to the reporter website

“We are expecting a son! I was hoping for a daughter… primarily because
our high — Uayett — just unbelievably good. But, besides, I’m afraid now when he became
it is clear that we have a boy, Mila can stop there. But if
we are the parents of one girl, I most likely have a chance to
another baby boy…” — said Kutcher.

As for Mila, she was also somehow
so sure that waiting for the girl that didn’t even informed to ask the doctor
question about the sex of the child during the next ultrasound.

However, as told already much widened kunis, during his second
pregnancy she feels so confident and so “relaxed” that even
allows himself to pass obligatory regular check-UPS midwives. “I
I feel really good. And I even stopped often to “check”. Here
when I was waiting for Uayett, I almost every day find out what size is already
grown my child, for example, compared with fruits. I said to myself, here it is
already a plum, and now with avocado! Now I have no idea what the value
my baby!” said kunis.