Nikolay Baskov almost suffered in Vilnius due to the fall from the stage

Николай Басков едва не пострадал в Вильнюсе из-за падения со сцены

Fans are sometimes dangerous for him. The desire to touch his idol, the fans can do strange things that might hurt. Almost ended in injury for Nikolai Baskov his concert in Vilnius. During a performance of his famous hit “jukebox” Nicholas on the edge of the stage sat down to their fans to get to know him better. One of the fans in the throes of passion began to pull Baskov hand. Her actions led to the fact that the singer’s head flew down from the stage.

Women surrounded the artist, but still gave him up to continue his speech.

Basque was shocked by this situation and in the middle of the “hurdy-gurdy” declined to comment on the incident: “Well, the woman who pushed me — pushed!” — admired the singer, noting that in Vilnius his hurdy-gurdy — not a stranger.

According to the singer, it was the first such case in his current concert tour.