Константин Меладзе рассказал о том, как брак с Верой Брежневой на него повлиял

On the subject of personal life Konstantin Meladze does not like to propagate. But lately, the composer is increasingly making exceptions and communicates with the media on personal matters.

Recently, author-songwriter told some facts of his marriage with Vera Brezhneva. Meladze admitted that his young wife has completely changed his life and his idea of it.

“I admire her daily, hourly. Faith has a big heart, she strives to help everyone,” — said Konstantin Meladze, adding that, looking at her, and he’s getting better. Indeed, the husband’s Faith had helped in the first place. For example, Brezhnev changed his style, so he seems younger at least 10 years, “If not his wife, and would walk in a t-shirt. It used to be 5-7 years in the same go. I had a set of favorite t-shirts and two or three pairs of baggy jeans, and I from them did not get out”.

The changes were made and power: “If lying on the couch all the time, there is a risk to go back two times thicker than when they arrived. Especially in the evening pulls the table to sit down so thoroughly, to chat, to eat well, ‘ said the producer, who in may celebrated his 53rd birthday. — And in our age it is fraught. If you do not take care of themselves, easily turn into a Hippo. Especially on Italian food.”