Николаю Лебедеву выделили 800 000 рублей на съемки «Мастера и Маргариты»
The film will be released in 2021.

Nikolay Lebedev

Konstantin Ernst (channel one), Leonard Blavatnik
(“AMEDIA Production”), Igor Tolstunov (Profit) and Ruben dishdishian (“Mars
Media”), will act as the producers of the film “Master and Margarita” based on
of the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. Director and author of the script was
Nikolay Lebedev. The film’s budget is 800 000 million rubles. Rental “Master and
Margarita” will be released in 2021.

“Master” — one of the most important Russian texts of the twentieth
century, history and people added polyphony a private reading, –
says Konstantin Ernst. – Technical state of Russian cinema
today allows proceed to the film adaptation that adequately reproduces
phantasmagoria of Bulgakov’s imagination. And the fact that the novel was never
finished by the author to notch another reason to hope that
will be able to make a strong picture. Since the adaptation is complete and perfect
novels never get equal to the source.”

“The master and Margarita” — my favorite novel
world literature — says Igor Tolstunov. And I with the same
I enjoy reading it, each time admiring the talent and craftsmanship
Bulgakov, his ability to combine seemingly incongruous textures and it
remarkable ability in common, at first glance, the phrase to achieve this
deep, Gogol scale generalization.”

“More than 15
years ago we already approached the idea to make a feature film “Master and
Margarita,” says Ruben Dishdishyan. — But then, probably didn’t have the courage,
“muscles” to approach the novel. All the time. I think now
when industry and technology are developing rapidly, we are ready for it. Happy
that project was such a powerful production team and the Director will
Nikolay Lebedev”.