Селена Гомес делает перерыв в отношениях с Джастином Бибером из-за повышенного внимания СМИ

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber once again pause in the relationship. The reason for this was not the mother of the actress and not the infidelity of the singer, and the pressure of the press. Attention to personality not like Selena, because she wants to concentrate on family and to establish a relationship with the mother.

Селена Гомес делает перерыв в отношениях с Джастином Бибером из-за повышенного внимания СМИ

“Selena is very worried due to the fact that she was again under close supervision. She especially does not like the attention to her personal life — all these news about her and Justin, her mother… She wants to restore normal relations with the mother. To be with my family.”

“It takes time to understand how to live the life she wants, but not to react so strongly to attention,” — said the source and said that Selena is now concentrated on myself.

Now the performer is very important to find a balance in yourself and focus on your health, because she just recently graduated from therapy. Gomez graduated from a two-week treatment program at a clinic in new York. The actress turned to in order to cope with depression and other psychological problems.

“We are talking about physical and mental health and nutrition. Selena spent in the hospital for about two weeks, during which sometimes left the hospital for work. Selena feels great,” says a source close to the singer.

This is not the first time Selena takes a break from work for treatment in the clinic. Now Gomez will be to listen to yourself, do not want again found himself in the clinic. “She doesn’t want a repeat of certain events. She always wants to be active… For the past few months in her life happened a lot, so she wanted to get rid of the backlog of cargo,” added the insider.

24-year-old boyfriend singer, Justin Bieber has Selena supported the decision to see a doctor. “He knew about her treatment in the clinic and supported. However, the treatment has nothing to do with him. It was her decision. Now, Selena feels good and is working on new music,” says the insider.

To help the singer get back on track is Bieber, with whom she resumed their relationship in November of last year. As Selena gave a second chance to Justin, he has changed significantly. “They are all well, this time all very different. Now Justin treats Selena like a gentleman, cares for her, shows how she is dear to him. He became more openly Express his feelings, which demonstrates his maturity,” — told reporters the insider about the couple.