Nikolai Karachentsov was seriously injured

Николай Караченцов получил серьезную травму The actor was taken to the hospital. According to some reports, a few days ago, the star of Soviet cinema fell at home and hurt his leg. After this incident, Nikolai Karachentsov was hospitalized.

      Николай Караченцов получил серьезную травму

      Russian actor Nikolay Karachentsov has got to hospital. A few days ago, the actor fell off the bed. Because he was injured leg, he couldn’t own up. Karachentsov spent three hours on the floor, while his wife Lyudmila Porgina looking for people who would help her to raise the spouse. After this incident, 71-year-old actor was admitted to the best rehab center of Moscow, which currently undergoes rehabilitation treatment.

      According to several publications, the condition of Karachentsova is estimated as stable. Next to him is his wife Lyudmila Porgina. She’s on his bed, so whenever you need to get the doctors.

      The son of actor Andrey Karachentsov told reporters, do not worry. “Yes, he is now undergoing treatment,” confirmed the heir to the stars movie.

      Nikolai Karachentsov known to the Russian spectator on films “Belye rosy”, “Petersburg secrets”, “the adventures of electronics”, roles in TV series “the Quiet don” “the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes” and many others. The actor has faced other health problems. After a terrible accident in 2005, Karachentsov underwent craniotomy and was in a coma. According to some, he was left disabled after the incident, and his state was restored for two years. Only in 2007 he was able to re-visit high-profile event. Alla Dovlatov called the wife Karachentsova his enemy

      In 2013 the headlines has appear the news about the impending departure of Nikolai Petrovich abroad for treatment in China. Then the actor denied the left side of the body, and it was difficult for him to talk. Eastern medicine was unable to completely restore his health. As reported by Andrey Karachentsov this time nothing serious with his dad happened so he should be fine.