Bilan statement about leaving “the Voice” shocked viewers

Заявление Билана об уходе из «Голоса» шокировало телезрителей The singer told reporters that he intends to leave the popular program. Bilan admitted that reached the ceiling as a participant. The Dima decision is final. Fans can’t believe that he will no longer mentor.

      It became known yesterday that the 34-year-old singer Dima Bilan, who was in the jury of the show “the Voice” for four seasons, intends in the future to leave the project. The current season of the program will be for the executor of the last. The artist explained his care to see that he already knows all about “the Voice”, so he is no longer interested to participate in it. “This will probably be my last hike there. I understand all the laws of the genre” – said Bilan to journalists. While Bilan denies that the show has a positive effect on its popularity, but it is not Central to the artist.

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      After learning about the care of one of the mentors, which has been on the project since 2008, on and off, fans of “the Voice” were shocked. They hoped that Bilan will sit in the judgment seat and in the sixth season. However, the actor has not confirmed the hopes of the fans. They couldn’t believe that the singer decided to leave the popular project. For several years, Dima was one of the judges, viewers got used to it. “Sorry, no Bilan “Voice” is not the same”, “I’m sorry. To me it was pleasant. Smart, talented, not self-assertion. Right speech, always to the point”, “In the fifth season he was on top,” “I can’t imagine the project without him. Keep it, colleagues”, “Bilan so naturally looked to as a mentor,” wrote the frustrated fans of the artist.

      Earlier in his interview with Bilan said that eagerly awaits the start of filming of the fifth season of “the Voice”. He also admitted that he misses his colleagues. When fans of the program know about the new panel of judges, they were glad that Dima is back on the show. The contractor took a break when he was working on the fourth season. The artist was too busy to take students who dream of beginning a singing career.

      We will remind that earlier the project has left Alexander Gradsky. Around his care were a lot of rumors, but the mistress of former coach of the project Alla Reid dispelled the speculation of the viewers. According to the girl, not the city demanded a fee of one million dollars, as it is written in some editions. The artist never wanted to profit at the expense of their participation in the program. Reid also told reporters, Alexander has gone from “the Voice” due to the fact that his student Mykhailo Ozerov failed to win on the show. Student city revealed the true cause of his departure from the show “the Voice”

      Apparently, Bilan has decided to leave “the Voice” finally. He told the “Daily Poster” that the decision was made, and, if metaphorically expressed, this swim will be his last.