Nikolai Fomenko reproaches himself for inattention to the father

Николай Фоменко корит себя за невнимание к отцу Showman sadly remembered about the deceased dad. Nikolai Fomenko can’t forgive myself that was insufficiently attentive to the father. However, the actor admitted that he and his children almost never call him first.
Николай Фоменко корит себя за невнимание к отцу

Musician, actor, songwriter, radio host, sports commentator, skier, race car driver… Nikolay Fomenko is a one – man orchestra, which last year celebrated 55 years of age. Noting the anniversary, the actor does not stop there, continuing to play bit-Quartet “the Secret”, produces his own show on the radio, in films and in General is a very busy man. Preparing the first violin Concerto, from early childhood Fomenko plays the violin.

But today Nicholas is recognized that the choice between children and work at it. And if before he could sacrifice for example, a child’s birthday for the sake of performing or filming, but now simply will not allow such a situation. In the “One day” on NTV Nikolay told that the nanny he likes to work more than an artist.

“In 25 or 30 years I would have sacrificed the child’s birthday. I’m no longer the dad who makes a career. I’m a father who makes a career children. Work with them all the time and often act like a nurse. I prefer to work as a nanny than to play live,” – said Fomenko.

Nicholas has four children from different marriages, and two grandchildren. The eldest daughter Catherine was born in 1981 in marriage with Elena Lebedeva. Now Katya is the name Grishkovets and raising two daughters. In the third marriage with Maria Golubkina Fomenko appeared two children – Anastasia, her this year 12, and Ivan, 15. Youngest son Nicholas, Vasily (artist gave birth to his fourth wife Natalia Kutuzova) April 9 was only nine years old.

Fomenko admits that always calls your adult children first, not waiting until they reach his room. Nicholas was not sensitive to offspring, because he remembers that once he was not very attentive son. When the actor remembers his father, his eyes are wet and voice notes undisguised sadness.

“Children are not to call parents. When they realize that parents need to call when they feel they miss, is not likely to be with me telephone. But it’s an experience. So do I with his dad. Too long didn’t call him… was busy, a very serious guy,” said Nicholas.